My China Story: Nanning Guangxi, P.R. China. Dominic Jermano




My China Story in Nanning, Guangxi P.R. China 530221

Originally Posted June 10, 2014

By: Dom Jermano 龙翔

It’s a shame that China where Confucius Originates 5,000 years ago, is not embraced or in China’s Constitution, that shows their Honesty. Religions core is being honest. But : Instead they follow and allow Corrupt Government Officials, to steal my house in Nanning, Guangxi, PR China.

Newest Update: On July 20th 2019 I returned to Nanning again after many times to see about getting my money. I found out the ex wife sold my House, for 300,000rmb after talking to the new owner. Ms. Liu.   

I went to Yinghua School to see Mr. Lee, because he is who wrote the original contract and who I bought the house from. Of course they said he wasn’t there, because he is hiding from me. And was told his Wife Ms. Chen wasn’t there as well, but I know they were there, because they answered their phone, and hang up on me. They do this all the time, never answering me, and hiding.  I also saw Mr. Mo GangXiangs Wife Tracey, who was also involved in administering the Contract and I told her what was going on, and she called my Ex Wife to then have my Ex Wife hangup the phone on her. 

Mr. Lee Cong the guy with me in the above photo, got the money from me, because I worked for him. He knew my ex wife had no job. I supported her and her two children from her 1st Chinese husband for 8 yrs.who was said to have died, in a coal mine accident.  Mr. Lee did not include my name on the receipts on the Ownership papers telling me that they were Huko papers and me not to sign. I thought everything was fine. He lied and stole my money. He helped my ex wife rob me. 

Once he got the money at the same time, he and my wife worked together, by him ending my job which ended my Visa, and the ex wife at the same time divorce me. The Court Judge did not follow China Divorce Law and have the house sold.  With the proceeds divided equally. The China Court also broke their own Law. Who trusts these people?  They are criminals. They stole 90,000 rmb not including the work I did inside that was an additional 10,000 rmb.

I want my money. They have to kill me to make me give up on what I worked and paid for.

And to Top it all.. China Government stole my idea when in Nanning, I wrote,articles about making a Worldwide Train Network that connected, to Russia, across the Bering Strait to Alaska, Canada, into USA, Mexico, and S. America, going west in China to Europe, even into Africa.

I was given Honorary Citizen of Nanning Guangxi; and then my articles I wrote were blocked, and after I bought a house from my Boss Mr. Lee Cong, my Chinese wife divorce me and at the same time, my Boss ends my job, which ended my Visa to initiate to kick me out of China.

And this is the same time Xi Jinping comes to power, and announces BRI. The Belt Road Initiative, basically the same idea of my idea to connect trains around the world.  The China Government robbed me of my house I bought and, taking credit for my world Train System.

They just as well see me live from Trash Bins everyday in Hong Kong.

I was very supportive to China under HuJinTao Government, until in 2011-2012 when my Boss and Best Friend robbed me of the house they encouraged me to buy in 2009 at Yinghua Jia Yuan, next door to Yinghua School, having paid in total 100,000rmb.


Above Photo: Yinghua School Campus in Nanning.

Well things are certainly not getting better. I thought they were my friends, allowing me to be Chinese and do my best to help wherever possible, but they only use me. I better write this down in the Computer via article news, because I might not be around, or they will cut off my computer access, like they have cut off my job, my electricity at my home, and my money. And I refuse to return to the USA. I renounce my Citizenship of the US.  What good is it to stay in a country that is always at War? To then go to China to be ripped off.  Sad indeed.


I came to China after personally seeing the 911 Attacks on my home state in New York. I came to Nanning City, after losing my trucking job that day. I was in Boston at the time delivering a 30 ton storm drain, and later told to go to NYC to pick up another load. I could see from afar looking across,  smoke billowing into the sky. Then when driving to NYC that small inner voice of the Lord told me to turn around and go back. So I did, and they were mad I came back with no load. I watched the TV  and I knew something was wrong. Things did not add up, that they knew who did 911 before the towers even collapsed.

I also heard before hand via Coast to Coast Radio Program, while driving at night an attack was coming to the US during the Bush Administration. And realized how true that transmission later really was. I later studied it and know it was an inside Job, by the American Deep Hate US Government.  When I was driving through Iowa, before 911 I noticed many Military Convoys on the road, and wondered what are they doing?

In losing the trucking job, I put in a request to Teach abroad, and Yinghua School invited me to work to Teach English.

They gave me housing and monthly stipend to teach from 15-20 classes per week. I paid my own electric and water, and food. People were friendlier and things were not as developed as they are now.

In fact mostly fields around me, but now there is nothing but tall buildings everywhere for housing. I have been here 13 years, having married a Widowed Chinese Lady from Sichuan. We met in Nanning at a Movie Theater. Later I learned she had two children, a boy and girl. She claimed her first husband had been killed in a Coal Mine Accident in Hernan Province.

Here: My School Boss at Yinghua School in Nanning, Mr. Lee Cong Officiates Our Wedding. His photo with me is also at the Top of this Story.


Mr. Mo Gangqiang (莫刚强) who I thought was my best friend, was Best Man at our Wedding.  I’m very sadden he calls me the enemy. And it has to do with because I was from the Corrupt USA.


Cheng Xiao Fang was a widow and we got married after one year. I wanted to help with her with her two children, since I was a Teacher.


After being there for 9 years in 2009 I was encouraged to buy a house, arranged by my friend Mo Gangqiang, and my School Boss Mr. Lee Cong and my wife.

Mo (莫刚强) is the same person who invited me to China to work at Yinghua School . During those years I worked for Yinghua from Nov. 2001 to Feb. 2012 .


Per this similar search in Google

Nanning Yinghua School

Contact Info – Contact: Mo Gangqiang / Chen Chunli. Tel: +86-771-4016436 / 4018328 / 13517676883. Fax: +86-771-4018328. E-mail: Website: Address: 7 kilometers, Nanbei Road, Dashatian Direction, Nanning,Guangxi, China. Postcode: 530221


Proof I worked at Yinghua School. I am 2nd on right 1st Row. Mr. Lee Cong sits directly in the center. Arrow at top points to Zhouzhi, Cheng Xiao Fangs son.

I was never given my Chinese Citizenship, after living there for 14 years, which is hard to believe but true. China Law states if you’re married to a Chinese Citizen for 5 yrs. you acquire Chinese Citizenship. I thought I knew the people, thinking they were my friends. I married a Chinese widow, with 2 kids, paid for their tuition in School, took care of the three of them, buying food everyday, clothing, beds, and paying medical care, even giving them cash each month. We were married for 8 years.

Note: The reason I am telling this, is because I have no choice. I am still in China, and is my only proof, in the event I am harassed or asked questions at the border, by China Immigration.


I still have the official Marriage Book and photo copies with dates, proving my legitimacy. I don’t want to show online, and will provide upon CCDI request.


I was never given citizenship after 5 years of marriage per China Law. I even gave money and food and clothing to beggars in the streets of Nanning. And what did it get me? It gave me the distinction in being called an idiot, and nut, said from the lips of my so called friend Mo Gangqiang, when I ask him to help me get the money returned I paid for the house. Instead I’m left in destitution living on a Park Bench, and this was after they awarded me Honorary Citizen of Nanning, which is totally meaningless to China Government.  They gave me the award as a setup to steal my money, when they encouraged me to buy a home next to the School.  Then fire me from my job, so I can’t make the monthly payment.

2005: I was Awarded Honorary Citizen of Nanning, Guangxi  PR China.

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I am in the back row from the left to center 5th.   

ying dong 241

The Nanning City Honorary Citizen Award. In the form of a Booklet. Left page

ying dong 242

Nanning City Honorary Citizen Award. Right page

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ASEAN CALEXPO where the Awards were given with my Ex: Cheng Xiao Fang

Well during the Marriage Mr. Mo and Mr. Lee encourage me to by a small house from him, them claiming I could also use to teach students in my spare time. It was only 59 meters, about the size of a classroom, and that is what I also used it for. During the summer months my stipend from the School was zero, and I had to teach in the summer, to support our family.

My wife had no job, and so I was taking care of the 4 us. My boss at Yinghua School Mr. Lee Cong, and his Wife Ms Chen had a housing project next door to the School property. They encouraged me to buy one of them. So I saved the best I could, given the money I made, and the expense to taking care of my new family.


The house in the above photo is located where the 2 Electric Poles Meet at the top as the indicator showing behind the 8 Window locations that stretch across above the Security Guard Shack, from the center of the building. Notice the 5 mph speed limit sign then looking up from that point to the first row of windows going right is the entire width of my house. The 8th window with the Air Conditioner above it, is my A/C Unit.

They call this place Yinghua Jia Yuan.

Mr. Lee’s Real Estate Office promised to do the Housing Contracts. During the time of signing the papers they said there were papers I would not sign, claiming they were Huko Papers or Residence Papers transferring my wife and son’s Huko to Nanning, from Sichuan. The document was really the Ownership Papers, that are supposed to by signed by the Husband and Wife.

The sons name (Zhouzhi) was put on that document to make it appear he was the husband, done per Mo’s Wife Tracey who worked in Mr. Lee’s Real Estate Office claiming to me they were their Huko papers.

Zhouzhi wanted to take his College Entrance Exam at Yinghua School, instead of going all the way back to Hernan, when he spent all of his schooling time from Primary to High School at Yinghua School. The tests were different, so he wanted his Huko. This was the excuse they told me.

The daughter ShaSha did not like going to Yinghua School. So she dropped out, and I paid to have her go to another school, but she dropped out of that as well. So there was no sense in getting her Huko to come immediately, I was told. The idea was she could get hers later. So why wasn’t her name on the Paper too, since it was their Huko?

Mr. Lee and my wife lied. The papers she signed were not Huko papers but the Ownership papers of the House. I had no idea. I trusted what Mo, his wife, my wife and Mr. Lee told me.

At the Bank they asked me to sign my name for the loan, because my wife had no money or job. So I signed the papers thinking nothing was wrong.


They gave us a bank payment card. The cards name was in my wife’s name. So each month I made the payment, it appeared in my wife’s name, not mine.

I paid the down payment money having taken 14,950 rmb from my account at the bank, and I borrowed 15,000 rmb from Mr. Lee promising to repay him 1,000 rmb each month. In total down-payment 30,000rmb. I have the account number and proof upon request by CCDI.


The above are the receipts of the money I paid for the house down payment. 30,000rmb total when adding both receipts. They put my Wife and Her Sons name on the Receipt written in Chinese, and Not my name. Mr. Mo’s Wife Tracey handed me the receipt as it was payment from me, but she forged the receipt, by putting my wife and her sons name on it, and not putting mine.

They gave us a bank payment card. The cards name was in my wife’s name. So each month I made the payment, it appeared in my wife’s name, not mine.

I paid the down payment money having taken 14,950 rmb from my account at the bank, and I borrowed 15,000 rmb from Mr. Lee promising to repay him 1,000 rmb each month. In total down-payment 30,000rmb. I have the account number and proof upon request by CCDI.

I paid him back in Full, and was given a receipt for that.

China Law is different. They have Ownership Papers of the Property that are not connected to the Bank. Both receipts show the money I paid. My wife Fang had no job, and Zhouzhi was a student at Yinghua School. Neither had a job, or money. They are lying that they paid this money, and Mr. Lee went along with their scam, because I had paid him back.

I cannot read Chinese. I handed the money I withdrew from my account to her, because she was working with Mr. Mo’s wife in doing the contract, and I trusted her, for the well being of us both. Later my wife gives me a copy, and says this is our receipt.

My thinking was also that if something went wrong in the future, and if divorced, the Divorce Law would assure, I was legally compensated.


The Bank should have made sure my name was also on the ownership papers, in order to give the loan. But they did not do that. Why? because they wanted to cheat me.

My so called best friend Mo, my ex wife and Mr. Lee robbed me, having China School and Immigration Police assault me several times, forced to take off my clothes, which I call rape, and thrown in jail, then later left in destitution.

I am very upset at them and the China Government in doing these things to me. I was robbed 70,000 rmb in total I paid for the house, not including all my furniture that was destroyed, and beat up. I want my money returned.

And they did this to me, after making me Honorary Citizen of Nanning? What kind of madness is this, that they can get away doing this?

Mr. Lee helped my Wife so they could take the house after I paid for it, fire me from my job, and think I would just wander off into the mass of people in China somewhere.

I find out that in China, they do not follow the Law, and the whole charade was a setup to steal my money, in total 70,000 rmb, not counting my labor in doing work inside the house for the decorating, painting, plumbing, electrical, etc.

I knew nothing of this would happen. I bought the house in 2009, I made the down payments, paid back the partial down payment, and was making the monthly, when my wife’s son was in a motorcycle accident. He was told Not to ride on Motorcycles. He was in the hospital for 4 months I heard, but during that time, after I made 2 visits, he changed hospitals. And I never knew where or to what Hospital, or where he went.

During that time my wife shut her phone off, and I had no idea where she was for an entire year. Then I got notice she was filing for a divorce. It took that year for the divorce to arrive. A divorce is suppose to be the ending of a marriage, and the Judge decides how to divide up the assets and property. China Law says when a man and woman divorce each share half the value of proceeds from the sale of their house. Well the judge did not decide this, breaking China Divorce Law.

Why? Because the Judge would not decide the law case, because Mr. Lee was an Official in Nanning Government and was really involved. And since it was Mr. Lee, he made sure the judge made no real judgment. The judge said, we are divorced, but said the house could not be sold unless my wife agreed. She also stated that because Zhouzhi’s name is on the ownership papers which they claimed was his Huko paper, and my name is not, that according to Chinese Law, the house is not mine.

This is fraud, because the Court did not give me a real divorce. and they lied about the paper being for their Huko. So how can the China Court get away with that?

Proof : in the below photo and above photo of the Divorce Documents showing the address to the house I bought at Yinghua Jia Yuan.

ying dong 214

This is how the China System worked to hijack me the real person who had the real job, and made the down payment who bought a house to help his family, to have the wife and School Boss steal everything and the labor I did, leaving me with nothing, absolutely nothing.

Immediately after the divorce was served, my Boss Mr. Lee refuse to sign a new labor contract with me. He was helping my x-wife to get rid of me, so she could acquire the house. No job meant no Visa, and forced to leave China.

I didn’t want to return to the USA, for what they did on 911, I am not going back to help those murderers. I am forever seen as an American since I was born there. I refuse to live in the Corrupt USA, to pay taxes to a murder Government.

To this day I still seek a Country that allows me to have a legitimate life and citizenship. A country that lets me buy my house from people who did not steal the land. I know it would be legitimate. But this may never happen. I ask you? Is it legitimate to buy land that was stolen in the past, by corruption that made it into the US Government?

Do you feel comfortable knowing you are buying property who the people that owned it were murdered, just to take their land? This is one of many reasons I refuse to buy land in the US. It’s not right to me. And then to help the Corrupt US Government who orchestrated the 911 inside Job with Israel, that murdered 3000 Americans that day? Pay taxes to Murderers? I am sick to think of it. No one likes to admit or face the truth.

Below: Max is located on the back row from the right counting toward the center he, is 5th.


Above: Ms Chen Lee wife to Mr. Lee Cong:(Lady): Front Row next to Guy with Red Tie, just after (3) @ her feet.

According to Chinese Law when a Boss does not renew a foreigners contract they have to pay Labor Compensation, so the employee has money to move. But my Boss did not even mention this, thinking he would not have to pay me. In fact hiding my legal rights from me. 

Take Note: “Most Foreigners do not know this.”That money is the amount of your salary per month times the number of years you worked there. Well I worked there for 12 years, was even made an Honorary Citizen of Nanning. I guess that does not really matter to them.

I should have received over 50,000 rmb. But the Law did not come into effect until 2008, so I would only get about 20,000 rmb. Since he did not give me my Labor Compensation I had to hire a lawyer. And it is being decided by a Labor Tribunal. Since I had no job, I also had to pay for my own renewal of my Visa. And that will expire near the end of the month.

Also the fact that even when the Tribunal decides it is sent back to Yinghua School to see if they agree or disagree according to the appeal process. The reason I have no job is because he fired me, to protect himself in being discovered when he misrepresented documents to me, to not sign, and try to get me to leave Yinghua Property, so he could take possession of my house.

And Mr. Lee disagreed, when I won the first decision he had to pay me my Labor Compensation, sending it back to Court and another long protracted waiting period.

Another thing Mr. Lee and my so called Friend Mo, did to me, is to permanently try to kick me out of China. I was invited to teach at Beijing Forestry University, and when Professor Mr Wang inquired to the truth I had worked for Mr. Lee at Yinghua School for all those years, Mr. Lee denied it.

He would not send verification that I had worked for him for all those years. But I have proof, I worked for him, because I have the Labor Compensation Verdict that was a tooth and nail long drawn out process that was finally given to me that proves I worked at Yinghua School for him. How does he get away with it, and ruining my life? This misery he has cast onto me is now 6 years. I was not able to Work at the Forestry University, and ended up in Hong Kong, a victim to China Corruption.

So here I am still destitute in China in 2019.

Mr. Lee knows that if the Divorce Judge MinyiTing at the Dashatian Court, decided to disperse the property per China Law, {that says a man and woman who buy property have equal share value of the property must sell it to divide the proceeds}; that the new buyer and Bank Officials would be required to see the original sales contract, and wonder why my name was not on the Ownership Contract, since I was the husband, not Zhouzhi who was her son. 

This would expose the fact that the bank gave him a house loan fraudulently when, seeing my name was not on the Ownership papers. Yet I was the guy who qualified and signed for the loan. This would raise too many questions and expose Mr. Lee, and Mo Gangqiang’s illegal business transaction on me.

After the Divorce arrived and Mr. Lee and his wife Ms Chen, would not enter a new Labor Contract, I had to get a Lawyer.

I could not move, having no money to move my things. I said I would not pay the rent, because if they paid me my labor compensation as China Law requires, I would have moved, and I would not have needed to pay rent.

They got very angry about this, and they threatened me and harassed me calling me all the time saying I had to move because I was trespassing on their property. I said, I want my Labor Compensation you refuse to give me.

Then they yanked out my electric box, cutting off my electric and water. That caused all the food in my refrigerator and freezer to be destroyed.

They came with 10 school guards with batons and beat me, throwing me out of my home, and out of the Campus. All my belongings are in the house. I have couches, furniture, a big Vase, closets, cabinets, beds, chairs, lamps, clothes, cooking ware, everything is still in there, and I am denied access to my property.


The above photo is the building I lived at Yinghua School Campus on the 4th floor. In the background beyond the bushes is the building where I bought the house from Mr. Lee Cong, through his employee Mr. Mo Gangqiang at Yinghua Jia Yuan


They stole not only my house but also my personal things inside. The Police and my Lawyer do nothing, saying they are waiting for the Labor Tribunal. Today they said the Labor Tribunal will decide before my passport expires, but it will be another 15 days before a real decision, because of the appeal process. I have no where to sleep, only on the floor, in my classroom and Park Bench.

Mr. Lee has broken China Law while he is a Chinese Boss in cutting off my electric and water, and forcing me out, because there are Tenant Rights. He needs to have a Court Order Eviction Notice. And in order to get that, they need to have a hearing, in which he does not want the Court to hear my side of the story, because it will expose his fraud when he sold the house to me, and now trying to steal it. He’s a mobster.

Myself being a foreigner follows China Law, but Mr. Lee Cong a China Boss doesn’t follow China Law. And he is suppose to be an Educated Professional running not only a Primary School, but a Middle School, and High School, and planning to open a Yinghua University in the City of Pingguo?

They are Educated all right! On how to defraud , rob, assault, and lie to me, after all the years of dedication and hard work. What a complete utter travesty. My Lawyer is not really trying to help me. Because they follow the Bureaucrat China Guang xi. Meaning people who have the money, they never consider being corrupt, and want their favor.

That is: getting a China Lawyer to prosecute another Chinese defendant when I am a foreigner is like putting a chicken in a dog kennel full of wolves.

My Boss Mr. Lee and Best Friend Mo of 12 yrs, and Chinese Wife Fang, of 8 years do this to me. I cannot believe it, but true. I discover after what they did to me, it is still going on 7 years, now 2019.


They don’t try to help me, but only help their Chinese Comrades. How this turns out I have no idea. So whatever happens to me here in China, whether they hire some guy on a motorcycle to bash my head in with a bat riding by, is anyone’s guess.

I want to warn Foreigners who are thinking about getting married to a Chinese lady on the Mainland; it is probably a setup, to steal your investment, while they swindle you in their phony Court System. Think real hard about investing in China Real Estate, especially through China Banks.

But I will be patient to see how things iron out, and keep the hope some sort of Legitimate process will convey my legal rights and my redress is reinstated in better condition than before, because I am right.

June 7, 2012. Yinghua School still has refused to follow their own China Laws, after I won the Court Decision. They said they will not pay my labor compensation money, having it sent back to another Court. Now no job, can not make house payment on my China home. I have now stopped eating on a hunger strike. I do not think things will get better. They are not reasonable people.

June 11, 2012. My ex wife came to my house, knocking on the door. I looked out the peep-hole, and saw only her standing there. So I opened the door, and someone beside the door, grabbed the door handle forcing it open. I don’t know who the guy was, but he was very big fat Chinese guy. My ex-wife proceeded to tell me she was coming in, and taking the house. I stood my ground, and a fight broke out at my front door. They kept pushing me trying to enter, and I stood my ground pushing them both back. He had a metal police baton, and had it around my neck, choking me. I got free and began yelling for someone in the building to call the Police.

The pushing and assault lasted for about 10 minutes, as I tried to push them away from my door, so I could close it. Both grabbed me by the neck again, and I could do nothing but stand there so they could not come into my house.

I feared they would come in and steal the documents and papers I had as evidence in support of my Court Cases. The fat man took a bite on my arm. The Police arrived and that is when they both stopped. The Police took us to the Police Station, and I told them what happened. I showed them the China Divorce Judgement Paper, showing how the Judge did not give us a real divorce. I wanted my money, I paid for the house.

I know now that the neck problems I have now is because that Chinese Fat Guy hit me with his baton, on my neck, and I have had pain ever since. The Police said I could go home, and my ex wife and the fat man remained at the Station. I went home, to shower, so find many bruises and injuries to my arms, hands, and foot. I then returned to the Police Station for them to take Photo’s of the injuries. Then I went to the Hospital to be checked by a doctor, and had X-Rays taken.

June 12, 2012: Today going to the Police Station, with Medical Bills, and to file charges of assault against my ex-wife, and the Fat Guy. She planned all along to force her way into my house, or she would not have brought the Fat Chinese Guy, and would have had a Police Officer with her. I will also file charges against the Divorce Court Judge, for not giving me a real divorce, which I believe was a major cause for my Wife to come and attack me.

June 28, 2012 On June 23, 2012:

My Ex Chinese wife: hired a big fat guy to attack me at the house I bought. The Police had my ex-wife come to the Police Station to reimburse me my medical fees. The fees were 500 yuan. She wanted to pay 400yuan. I said I would agree if she agrees to sell the house. She said she agreed, but I later found she did not say that in the agreement contract the Police Station wrote up. The Police lied to me as well. It is only her verbal agreement. I have already addressed the lies to the Policeman who did this. Yet I do not know what will happen.

August 20, 2012: Unable to pay my Visa Renewal because of no Labor Compensation money, or Court Decision. Visa Bureau in Nanning kept telling me to come back, and await their call. Afterwards they said I broke the Visa Laws, blamed me, for the lapse Visa when it was them who refused to renew it on time. Why should I pay a fine to them for causing my Visa to expire?

They arrested me, forced me to take off all my clothes, yelling at me and threw me in a North Nanning China Detention Jail with 10 other Chinese inmates with no private Restroom W/C in which we had to watch each other defecate and urinate in a hole in the middle of the floor for 3 miserable days.

Need more proof? Want to call me a Liar? See below the Jail Document:


Why should I pay a fine when I was there on time to renew my Visa, but they refuse to renew it because I was in a Court Case? I stopped eating in protest. I told the Jail Chinese Leader you cannot put me in Jail, without seeing a Lawyer, without having a Court Appearance, or without seeing a Chinese Court Judge. They agree with me, and let me go, but did not compensate me for their illegal arrest.

I really have a loss of words in understanding this is how they treat Honorary Citizens of Nanning. How do they do that? I’d gladly give back the Honorary Award.

And the award was because I suggest China develop a Speed Train System for Nanning, and other Economic Development Projects, including my GEM, God’s Electricity Machine to later learn they stole the idea from me as well.

Sept 25, 2012 China Court finally makes a decision on my Labor Arbitration Case. They agree with me, and Mr. Lee Cong at Yinghua must pay my Labor Compensation. I was paid 18,000 rmb.

Sept. 28, 2012 Need to go to Hong Kong to get new work Visa, now that the Court has made it’s decision and I won. Came to Hong Kong, to find they claimed I did not have all the papers needed, and when I tried to return to Nanning to get them, the border Immigration refuse me entry to cross into Shenzhen. It was on the Moon Cake Festival, and National Day, so I have been stuck in Hong Kong for now over 2 weeks.

My money is dwindling and, I am forced to sleep outside on a Park Bench across the street from the Immigration Building in Hong Kong. Hong Kong Police said I could stay there, when I told them story. I wash my clothes in the Public Restroom, and put them on Wet, wearing in the sunlight and wind to dry on me. Use dirty socks as wash cloth to clean body, and maintain cleanliness. Air dry on bushes in park. I visit the China Food market for food, because Restaurants in Hong Kong are so expensive. I know no one. No one here helps each other. No money, you are shit out of luck. Hoping for the best to get out of here, back to my home in Nanning, and new job.

Oct.15th. Monday. Sent papers to Court.

Mr。Lee is my ex-boss because he terminated my employment immediately after the Divorce arrived。This meant I had no Visa to stay in China,in which they wanted to kick me out of China,so my wife could take legal possession of the home。Mr。Lee also refused to pay my Labor Compensation,forcing me to go to Nanning Court which lasted over 7 months。7 months with no job,or money to buy food。

According to my Labor Compensation Court papers, it is dated on 2012-08-16 that they gave me $18,000 rmb. The Court Official document is untrue. In fact I have evidence the Court did not give me the money until 2012-09-27 given by Ms. Lan tel: 4505961, wired to my Bank Account. In fact the Liang Qing Court forged documents to make it appear Nanning Immigration Bureau could arrest me, claiming I had money, when in fact I did not.

Because of having no money the Nanning Immigration Bureau thinking I did have money put me in Jail on 2012-08-23, for being unable to pay the Visa Renewal Fee, Fine. They claimed I did not renew my Visa, when in fact they refused to renew it, because I was in Court waiting for the Decision from the Judge in concern to my Labor Compensation Case.

The point is that Nanning Court has committed harm and injury to me。 The point is who assures that the Court does not violate the Law? Who assures Court Official Documents are true; since I have the proof and evidence they are not?

Nanning Immigration arrested me,claiming I was staying in China illegal,when in fact it was them,who refused to give me a new Visa,when I applied for it。They said I could not get a new Visa until they know the outcome of the Court decision to the Labor Compensation Case。So how can they arrest me and put me in jail,because of their Law of Contradiction? They shouted at me,made me take off all my clothes,took my mobile phone and thrown into a jail cell with 10 other Chinese inmates with no private toilet or shower, and no Air Conditioning.

During the night, the Jail guards had to take me to the Hospital, because I was having chest pains, in which after arresting me; never thought I needed medication. They shouted at me, and physically abused me. I refused to eat for 3 days in protest, stating they can not put me in jail, without a Lawyer, without a China Court Appearance, and without seeing a Chinese Judge or Jury, who would decide if I needed to go to jail.

November 27, 2013 Nanning Immigration gave me an S2 Visa  or Personal Affairs Visa. I am still pursuing Legal Compensation from them, for the harm and injury Nanning Immigration did to me.

China Court has committed these offenses to me: The China Court Case numbers #276 and #619 Liang Qing Court in Dashatian, and The Middle Court in Landong Nanning, Guangxi, PR China 530221.

  1. 2011 to present: Given a fake divorce, and not allowed to sell the house I bought.
  2. Unable to pay Bank Loan, due to not having my name on the Ownership Papers, but I paid the down payment and 3 years of payments, and fired from my job to force me to leave China, stealing the house.They would not return my money or allow me to sell it.
  3. Mr. Lee’s and Staff at Yinghua School and Exwife said the Ownership Papers were her Huko Papers, and for me not to sign. They lied.
  4. Nanning Court willfully supports the fraud of Mr. Lee and My Ex Wife.
  5. China Court refuses to follow China Divorce Law, and divide proceeds according to the Wife and Husband. And refused to give me my China Citizenship after being married for 8 yrs. The Law says 5 yrs. can get.
  6. Was beat up by a fat Chinese guy, with my Ex-wife, who was breaking into my house, after China Court made it appear my ex-wife had a right to; because of the Fake Divorce. And she broke in again changing the locks and ransacking my apartment stealing many of my things, when I was prevented to enter China when I went to Hong Kong to renew my Visa.
  7. Was taken to the hospital for injuries to that attack.
  8. Was not given full compensation for the hospital fees.
  9. I was terminated from my job, because of plans to steal my house.
  10. I was forced to go to Court for Labor Compensation, that took over 7 months with no job, no money, and prevented to obtain a new Visa.
  11. Was given a falsely dated Official Court Document in concern to when I was paid my Labor Compensation, after I won the case.
  12. I was arrested, mistreated and verbally shouted at, and physically abused by Nanning Immigration Bureau, forced to take off my clothes, and forced into a crowded jail cell, with no WC for 3 days. I refused to eat for 3 days in protest.
  13. I was given no lawyer, no Court Appearance, or seen by a Chinese Judge or Jury whom would determine if I should go to jail.
  14. When given my Labor Compensation to renew my Visa, I was told I had to go to Hong Kong, by Nanning Immigration Bureau to renew it. Upon arrival they refused to renew it, and refused my re-entry back to Nanning China.
  15. I was trapped in Hong Kong for 3 months. Hotel fees are very expensive. My Labor Compensation money was quickly drained. I was forced to stay on a Park Bench for 45 days, including rainy days, waiting for Mr. Lee Jian Hua a new boss to honor our work contract. The Contract stated he would pay the Work Visa Fees. He never honored or paid it. He was another Liar.
  16. I had to borrow 4,000 rmb to get a new Visa for only 6 months.

From: Grand Profit International Travel Agency. Rm: 705AA, 7F, New East Ocean Centre, 9 Science Museum Rd. T.S.T East Kowloon: Tel: 27233288. Why is it so expensive, when a 1 year Work Visa only cost 940 rmb? This Company is operated by China Security Bureau. Of course to rip off and steal money from a foreigner.

  1. Total Cost of Visa Fees for me in 2012 and 2013 total over 11,000 rmb. Crooks that they are.
  2. I had a great expense in moving out from Yinghua School Campus. Originally they said they would give me the Home to live in for the rest of my life. But they lied. They also cut off my Electric power, which destroyed all the food in my refrigerator. And they broke China Law, by not providing an Eviction Notice. They had 10 School Guards come break in my door, with clubs and forced me out of my home, not allowing me to take my things. Also and to this day they have stolen my teaching materials and belongings still left in my Yinghua School Classroom.
  3. According to a new Work Contract for my new Employer Mr. Li Jian Hua, said he would provide the living space and work space for me. He moved my things out of Yinghua Campus to YongWuLu. The movers broke and damaged all my furniture. The truck had no top, and it rained the entire day, ruining all my furniture, and belongings. At the house on YongWulu, there was no door and missing windows. I had to pay to install, and Mr. Li refused to pay me back.
  4. Upon the move, someone stole my Electric Bike, after I chained it to a Column beam, and put blankets and junk on top. The thieves did not steal another tenant’s bike that was not covered or locked, since mine and his were in the same garage. I know that Mr. LiJianHua had his other tenant steal my bike. That was the 2nd electric bike stolen from me in China. The first time the Security Guards at Yinghua School allowed thieves on Campus to steal my bike and ride it out, even when it is captured on Camera. They never went after or arrested these thieves or returned my bike.
  5. After the move of my things from Yinghua Campus Mr. Li Jian Hua, then refused to honor our Contract. It forced me to return to my House at Yinghua Jia Yuan. I had to throw out everything except salvageable items, like the A/C and Hot Water Shower Unit I sold that were still usable on the Move to YongWuLu, to a junk dealer.
  6. Still unemployed for 2 years, with no money, begging for food, from neighbors, and a Church in Hong Kong.
  7. I must travel each month back to Hong Kong to exit China each month, according to L Visa Multiple Entry Requirements. The train fee and monthly inconvenience, is harassment.

Fang broke into the House when I was trapped in Hong Kong, and stole many things that I paid for.

  1. China Electric Power magically turns on my Power in May, and now in September 2013 turns it off. Why are they doing this to me?
  2. When the 4,000 rmb Visa expired, I had to close my life policy to get money to pay for another renewal for 6 months. Now I have no Life Insurance, and can not regain my early years paid in age ever again.
  3. China Authorities do not follow their own laws, and prevent me from having a job.

It was just bad luck I was born in America. Nothing can be done, because my so called country I call The United Hates of America, I refuse to be like them, in supporting these US Government Murderers on 911. Better a Vagabond than a Murderer. At least I proved to God where my heart is, in striving to do right, even though I am not Chinese, or a Hong Konger. To this day, have not heard about my house I paid for in Nanning, at Yinghua Jia Yuan.

Nor have I heard from the Hong Kong Government concerning injuries I incurred when falling into an unmarked, unsafe fountain.

The below Photo is Mr. Mo Gangqiang (刚强) today. I went to see him January 2018 about getting the money returned to my house. He calls me all kinds of foul names now. The money he claims he gave me, is 1,000rmb when I went to inquire about the house again. I told him I wouldn’t be returning it, because I am thinking suicide for robbing me and causing me 6 years of destitution, asking him if he knew of a Chinese guy named Leslie Cheung a very successful actor who jumped from a Hotel balcony in Hong Kong.

He also goes by the name Spiro Mo. He quit Yinghua School, after they ripped me off, claiming now that Mr. Lee Cong was a bad Businessman.

He works at Jinlai Trading Guangxi Co. Ltd. Room 23A13-23A17, Tower B, Logan Centry, No.8, Zhongjian Rd. Qingxiu District, Nanning City, Guangxi, PR China. 530000.

I have his phone number and email upon the request of CCDI.

Notice the 23A represents the floor his office is on. It is really the 24th floor, but Chinese in their thinking refuse to acknowledge numbers with the number 4 in it, because when you say 4 in Chinese, it is the same sound as death. Yi, Er, San, Si. 1,2,3,4. And they don’t want to say death, or have an office or live on a 4th floor or any floor number with the number 4 in it. How’s that for proof of delusional thinking.

This is Mo in a message to me in 2015 :

Hi Dom,

Glad to hear from you again. I’m ok. I’m extremely happy that you’ve settled down and started a new life there. As what you mentioned before, some time will we meet together again. Hopefully, you could handle everything well as soon as possible. As for the moving to Wales, I suggest you put it aside at the moment and just try make your own bread first, the more the best, of course. It’s so exciting that you’re interested in import and export business, but, to tell you the truth, it’s not the right time for you to think about it at present, unless you are doing a job alike, it’s complicated and deals with lots of work. Anyway, the settlement is the most important thing for you. And I will take a look at your apartment when possible. Keep well, bloody brother.


发自我的 iPhone 在 2015年2月5日,上午8:23,Dominic Jermano 写道:

Now 2018 says this to me: 3 messages:

  1. You, all I have to say, are an idiot, A nut. I don’t want to talk to you anymore. You are hurting everyone. This is the third time to me, and it must be the last time. You don’t have to mention the money I gave you, because I already took it as giving to an empty-minded Dog. Fuck you.

2, because you are the NUT: you thought you are the most cleverest, while I think iy the other way.

  1. What fucking logistic you have! Show me the proof that I am having your apartment, you mother fucker!!20171128_162103Undeniable PROOF 911 WAS AN Inside Job, done by the US and Israeli Government. (75)

2 thoughts on “My China Story: Nanning Guangxi, P.R. China. Dominic Jermano

  1. To: Mo Gangxiang:

    Not your problem. Right Mo?

    Want to have a smoke? You can go to any floor except the 4th floor of any floor, because after all the 4th floor means death in Chinese. You want to live, not die. But you never consider smoking kills you, no matter what floor you are on.

    Isn’t that why you gave me the flat on the 4th floor at Yinghua School?

    You call me a Mother Fucker, Empty Headed Dog, & Fuck You, after being once a Friend for many years, during the 2018 Chinese New Year.

    Strange isn’t it? Beijing banned the Fireworks and it is during my Year of Birth The Year of The Earth Dog. Makes me feel rather impressed to see that happen.

    Impressed? Yes, even when I am forced to search for food from the Garbage Bins, No place to live, Money Stolen, House Stolen, Personal things Stolen, Electric Box ripped out, ruining all my food in the Refrigerator, Assaulted 3 times, even by Mr. Lee Security Guards, thrown in a Chinese Jail, yelled at, forced to take off my clothes, and shit and piss in a hole in the floor inside the jail cell in front of 10 other Chinese inmates, in other words no privacy and no showers.

    They don’t have a job for an Honorary Citizen of Nanning?
    This is what happens to Honorary Citizens in China?
    Oh I am so thrilled to have been part of the China Dream?

    And you claim I am hurting everyone? What???

    You once a Teacher said “one should do what is right.” And when I do what is right, I’m subjected to a system that is corrupt, and I am left with no one to help me.

    You claim I have Mental Illness, right Mo? You must know about Psychology. Who has Mental Illness? Me? According to you yes. I am a Nut Job.

    According to you a person has mental illness, like me an Empty Headed Dog Mother Fucker, because I don’t want to work in the USA again after seeing the 911 inside job. I personally saw 3000 Americans die, that were killed by the Israeli and American Government that day. I was driving into New York. You think America is your Enemy? You are wrong. It is Israel who controls the US Government. Your real Enemy is Israel.

    What is even more astounding, you Chinese want to send your children to American Universities. You don’t have Guns in China, and raise your kids, to the point so you can send them to an American University to be brainwashed and a target to some lunatic with a gun. And it is I who has Mental Illness, right Mo?

    Everyday in America is a shooting. It’s like walking in the park.

    Speaking of that, I saw a Vietnamese Student gunned down in front of me at Weber State University in Utah. Another, very bad day. I left the University, because I could have been shot. I’m no idiot.

    But in your mind to prove I don’t have mental illness I should have stayed, after all Chinese are sending their kids to American Universities.

    I see; it’s Not Your Problem. Have another Cigarette.

    How do I or you or anyone work for a Corrupt Murdering Government? Pay taxes to Murderers? Keep Murderers in Power, and make them Rich? What?

    Better question is How Does China Government Allow Trade With a Murder Corrupt USA Government? China Government helps Murderers. What’s that make you? A Nice Guy? An Honorable Country? Ever hear of being a Complicit Murderer?

    So you think if I help them and work in the USA, I NO longer have Mental Illness? The only thing that matters is making money right Mo?

    Your Trade Business and China lives off of Murderers. That makes you feel nice and warm and secure inside your heart?

    So please tell me Mo? Who has Mental Illness? And if I am a Nut, why do I make sense, and you don’t? You don’t to the point of not wanting to talk to me anymore, or able to stop yourself from calling me nasty foul names.

    Yeah Mo, I need a job, and place to live, so I don’t need to eat thrown out food in the Garbage Bins. And I want my money, stolen from me from the House I paid for at Yinghua Jia Yuan.

    Mentally Sane,

    From: Your Mother F*%&ing Empty Headed Dog ,
    Dom Jermano 2019.

  2. So you say I should be a complicit murderer and work for the UST United States of Terror sending them my tax money to pay for bombs and murdering people. You’d have me do Truck Driving again buying fuel from the murderers of Saudi Arabia, and think nothing of it, while they continue to murder kids, women and children in Yemen and Palestine. You’d have me go back knowing for a fact the U.S. Government orchestrated the 911inside thermite job that I personally saw happen that day. I think you’re insane, along with so many others. There is no statue of limitations for murder. I’m not going to help murderers get away with murder. Trump is cause for all of this.

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