Why Euro is Failing.


I do not think the Euro will survive. There are things that are not told to the Financial News Networks. You have to think on your own about the real happenings, and what is going on.

Personally I think the US Banks setup the Eurozone, because really they don’t want Europe to become a success, because if they do, then it sends the wrong signal to Asia.

The US sold them fraud derivatives, and the heat is on, in bailing out banks not only in the US but in the EU as you know.  The Greece Story has died down, but I am sure it will not be long in flaring up again.

In Asia by having their own type of Euro Zone, known as an Asian Zone, the Asian Markets could join into a single currency. China has been maneuvering in that direction by setting up their ASEAN Members Club, keeping out Western Investments.

If the EU comes crumbling down, then Asia will not be thinking about setting up an Asian Zone. It means going back to single nation currency, and their own currency values.

Also in the EU there are too many countries that control nuclear weapons. Namely France and England. Currency is also based on security realities. But the reality to the EU is who really controls the nuclear arsenals? And there is no EU President. The idea of a committee is worthless, and the final days are coming to the EU.

But having an Asian Zone, would be easier, because China is the only one that has nuclear power.  Perhaps this is why China is now not backing DPRK.  But that could be because of other reasons.  Regardless the US does not want to see an Asian Zone, mimicked like the EU. So I think the US says it is for the EU, but behind the scenes they really are sabotaging it, by financial manipulation.

Another interesting story is here:


The Rich all over the world are hiding their money. This includes EU Members. It is a clear indication the EU is going to collapse.

Then what? People do not have the confidence in Real Estate buying anymore. The Economy is too Volatile. People can not hold onto jobs, and certainly the Republicans are not creating jobs.  Why are they doing that? All they care about is spending cuts to entitlements. But if there were more jobs, people would opt to work I would think, and entitlements would naturally be less used. You can make more money by working.

So I think the Republicans are not facing that reality. They need to create jobs, and stop hiding behind cutting entitlements.

And since I have been having trouble trying to sell my home, to get the cash, I have realized that selling Real Estate is a major pain in the ass.

Why should I be subject to the hassle? People buy real estate according to location. And after that it is a locked deal.  Then people try to buy up foreclosed  homes and sell them as investment properties, collecting rents backed up by Government Welfare payments.

Forget that sour milk.

I think by setting up a Company that sells Real Estate Shares is much better than selling Real Estate. A person can make more money. Why own one house stuck in one location, when I can own shares of Real Estate that are accepted anywhere. Your shares are your Equity. So why lock into one house, when you are free to own shares to many houses. And since shares do not identify what houses, your value remains strong. You make money. Even the person who buys the shares each month collects a dividend check. They pay you to live in the house, not the other way around in mortgage payments and rental payments.

If I can convince you to help me form this new company, I think we will become very successful. I explain here. But of course I am open to your expert advice, in which you see how to add to it’s success.


This is my view of the future:

At the end of each Article is the next corresponding link to Parts II and III.

Thanks, Hopewell,



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