Embracing The Modern Age: Part III

Embracing The Modern Age: Part III

My Electricity Machine uses a similar principle to how an Electric Bike works. Power from a battery makes the rear wheel spin.


In so doing my Electricity Machine uses that same real wheel principle, not on the ground, but placed in the Air horizontally, attached to a Central Axle implanted to the Floor and Ceiling.

Fig 1.
Flying GEM G

When you consider an Electric Bike wheel; it is engaged and in contact to the ground. It encounters the results of friction when the bike travels along a road surface.

As you can see in Fig.1

The wheel to my Electricity Machine is placed horizontally in the air, attached to a Central Axle, and spins freely with no Friction or Road Surface to contend with. This makes all the reason, that my suspended Wheel I now call a Gyro spins much more freely, with no Friction. Given the fact a person rides the Electric Bike, the average weight of a person is about 120-200 lbs. Accordingly, the weight on my Electricity Machine is determined by the wind-turbine size.n

When you ride an Electric Bike you can achieve various speed limits. You can reach 10mph, 20 mph, 30mph, 40mph, and even 50mph from better quality bikes. This means you have a 10 mph or more wind that hits your face, and so on as you increase speed.

Mind you; this is apparent when riding on a very calm day. If you go 10mph, you are moving into a 10mph wind that hits your face; and so on as you increase the speed. When riding on a very calm day, if you go 10mph, you are moving into a 10mph wind; created by your forward motion.

When I attach a small wind turbine to my Gyro that is attached to the ceiling and floor, and turn on the power so the Gyro rotates; I can make it spin from 10mph up to 50mph. This means a wind force can encounter my wind turbine blades to make them spin. When they spin, it creates electricity.

Fig. 2
Flying GEM G

I can therefore control ,the amount of Electrical Output, by how fast the Gyro Wheel Spins. According to the balance of Physics I can place a number of wind turbines attached to the Gyro-Wheel, to achieve greater levels of Current, Amps, Voltage, or Electrical Output.  Wind Turbines can only spin so fast. Anything over 50 mph wind can destroy a Wind Turbine.  So by using the Electric Bike Principles in which Bike speeds can only achieve approximately at it’s highest speed 50 mph, makes the idea of using for Wind turbines, a safe speed option in achieving maximum level performance.

I can place 4 wind turbines in equal balance opposite each other on the Gyro Wheel. Consider seeing a circle O with a cross or + in the center. The 4 points on the Gyro Wheel where the Wind Turbines are located is clearly obvious.

Fig. 3 : Turbine Positions on Gyro.
The below illustration should be a circle. But you get the idea.

/ 2 \
1 + 4
\ 3 /

Small wind turbines come in various sizes. They are as small as 50 Watts to 1000Watts. Each Watt size has a different weight. The smaller Watt size is obviously not as heavy as the larger Watt size. A 300 Watt wind turbine weighs about 9 lbs. So when I have 4- 9 lb wind turbines they weigh only 36 lbs. Much lighter than an Average Size person riding an Electric Bike. This also means I have 1200 Watts of power to use.

If an Electric Bike can work, knowing it’s wheel is in friction on the ground, and it carries a person that weighs from 120-200 lbs or more; just think how much easier it takes to make my Electricity Machines Gyro-Wheel to spin and operate. This is my Common Sense and Logical Comparison.

Knowing how little weight I have, I now have the ability to add more wind turbines to my Gyro-Wheel. And can also use larger Watt Wind Turbines, which means I can add more weight to increase my Electrical Output. Let’s consider using 8 wind turbines with each having 500 Watt Output.

This means I can achieve 4000 Watt Output. If each 500 watt wind turbine weighs 25 lbs, I have in total only 200 lbs weight on my Gyro-Wheel. 4000 Watts may not seem like enough Wattage, but if I build 2 Electricity Machines I have 8000 Watts. And given the fact I can make my Electricity Machine a Bigger Size, I can make it handle 1000 Watt Size wind turbines, to double the Wattage Output, to 16000 watts.

Whatever the Electrical Power needs are needed, they can be met by building more supporting machines or bigger sizes. And the cost is still very much lower than present electrical method costs, and expenditures.

If I use the 500 Watt Size Wind Turbine realistically it only takes one of them to recharge my battery or Capacitor that makes the Gyro-Wheel Spin. It does not matter if I use a battery or large Capacitors. The fact is I can recharge them, making the Electric Machine have the ability to run non-stop 24 hours a day. As the battery gives power to rotate the Gyro-wheel, the Wind Turbine gives that power back in recharging the battery; so it has a continuous non-stop give and take operation.

As the Power from the Battery or Capacitor is sent to the Gyro-Wheel to make it spin; that rotation moves the 8 DC wind turbines around in a circle. The motion creates its own wind, making the wind-turbine blades rotate. As they spin; the wind turbines produce Electricity.

The electrical power produced from each Wind Turbine is directed to the Center of the Gyro-Wheel, where it is transferred to contact points located on the main axle. There the power is distributed to where it is needed for use.

The Flying GEM-G does not burn any fuel to create Electricity. It does not use coal, oil, or gas. It uses no combustible resource.

It is better than Solar and Outside Wind Turbines. Why?

Because Solar uses the Sun, and that means it is limited. The Sun does not shine at night, nor does it during cloudy days. No Sun means no light contact on the Solar Panels, and no electrical production. You can not achieve 100% non-stop 24 hour electrical generation on a daily basis, with Solar Power.

Wind Power Outside is also limited. The wind does not blow everyday, nor can you decide or control how fast the wind will blow. Outside wind power will not give you 100% non-stop 24 hour Electrical Power on a daily basis.

The Flying GEM-G however can produce Electricity non-stop, 24 hours a day on a daily basis. This makes my electricity machine a much more reliable and better method in producing electrical power, which means assuring Energy Security. It is better than all present methods known to mankind in creating and controlling electrical power.

The World is suffering from massive amounts of Air Pollution, from one major City after another. Hong Kong itself has major Air Quality Pollution Problems. Solving this crisis requires action by Environmental Groups and People in Respective Government and Private NGO Circles. This includes groups such MTR Corporation and WGO: World Green Organization.

My Electricity Machine offers the solution to stopping and halting the continuation of Pollution and Smog in our lives, while also assuring an Energy Resource that can not be depleted or used up like the substances of Oil, Coal, and Gas.

The Modern Age is a frame of mind toward correct investment action that promotes human quality of life objectives. It requires understanding the real base of life; centers not only on Religion and God, but on the ability of using clean unlimited available energy.

That ability creates our higher standard toward better human quality of life.

My Electricity Machine is the Future.

Knowing that this machine can create Electricity means it can power essential other machines that need electricity to operate.

Consider the Common Air Conditioner.

air conditioner

Upon knowing I have the required Wattage and Voltage which my Electricity Machine can produce power to operate an Air Conditioner, opens the door to the Modern Age.

On earth having an Air Conditioner in a home brings many living benefits. Not only does it provide cool air for bodily comforts, it also produces water. (H20)

In China and America this water is discarded as waste water and simply allowed to go down the drain.

When my Electricity Machine powers the Air Conditioner, that water is -NOT- discarded or allowed to go down the drain.

It is collected, and will be used. I have tested the water myself, finding it better than the water from any household water faucet or tap.

I have raised Goldfish in Air Conditioner run off water, having seen fish become more livelier and live longer than being in household tap water. Water from an Air Conditioner can be used for watering plants, to include flowers, vegetables, fruit trees, and grapevines.

This water can also be used for personal bathing, washing clothes, cleaning dishes, or water for your cat or dog. I have personally drank the water after proper filtering, and know it is safe to drink. Having this water resource, in which is water I have created, makes it possible for people to have life and independence. People can have their own Greenhouses to grow food.

People can live by having their own Electricity Machine that powers an Air Conditioner for their home or work place; and have the means to grow their own vegetables and food, with a never ending water supply.

I find this to be quite incredible, fantastic; and highly beneficial.

But to make this even more marvelous and wonderful is my Electricity Machine which runs non-stop, and can power an Air Conditioner and creates Water ( H20 ) can also create and make new Air and Oxygen 02.

Consider that since my Electricity Machine can make water and the fact this means water is available, provides the opportunity that I can also create 02 , Oxygen, or Air.

Through the process of Electrolysis, water can be split. An Electrical charge is placed into the water, and the water changes to 2 gases. One gas is hydrogen, and the other is O2 or Oxygen. Having the ability to create oxygen non-stop means essentially the ability to produce atmosphere.

Clean Air can be supplied inside ones home. Clean Air can be supplied for Hospitals. Clean Air can be supplied for living on other planets in our Solar System out in Space. And can be used on Space Stations or Space Ships orbiting the earth, or traveling to other planets. This means people can literally live on the Moon, or any Planet if humans finally decide to travel there.

It also means humans can literally live and survive in any type of hostile environment.

People can live in or on the many deserts in the World. They can even live on the Ocean Floor if they want. This means being able to bring Electrical Power to the 2 billion people in the World who do not have Electricity. They can grow their own food, pump their own water, create their own water, air, and have Air Conditioning for a new living life.

To me that is an Outstanding Achievement and desired goal, God willing, we will be blessed.

People should be excited about this, outside the United States, because they have their own Governments not Controlled by the Political madmen who usher in nonstop War from the USA. People who live in the US are trapped to the Politics of War which they claim determines their Patriotic Identity, while dragging and torturing people into believing their highly indebted Financial Age of Decline.

Further good news about my Electricity Machine is that since it can produce Electricity, this means it can support the Power of an electric heater, and produce heat. By using an Electric Heater it can be the power source which supplies the heat in heating up a Steam Power Generator.

heater cores

The heat produced can be used to heat Steam Generators that Electric Power Companies use to provide the power for Cities and towns across many Countries and in the Developed World. This means the literal end in needing to use Coal to burn for heat in powering Steam Generators.

It means my electricity machine can produce power, and can be used to provide the heat resource for already established Steam Generator Electric Operations. We know that would create even more electrical output than the Electricity Machine can individually supply and produce. The good news is that it is the end of Coal, Oil, and Gas which causes the havoc of SMOG and Poison Polluted Air.

In Beijing the Air Pollution is very bad, and China Government Leaders are awakening to the fact how China Sinopec, also a member to the Oil Consortium is and has taken China down the road to The Age of Decline.

Beijing should be embracing The Modern Age. They need to jump on the MTR Electric Golden Egg Development Infrastructure Project and bring convenient, clean, nonstop, safe Electric Transportation to the Beijing Community Theater. Air Pollution and SMOG will disappear along with the nightmare traffic jams.

I have worked out estimate costs in producing one electric machine. Accordingly it varies due to the size wind turbine used. Since wind turbines vary in size from 50 watts to 1000 watts, the higher the watts the higher the price. But it also depends on the manufacturer who builds them.

I priced 300 Watt wind turbines made in Shenzhen at about 900 rmb per unit.

Given the materials I would use and using the 300 watt wind turbine price I estimate the cost for materials anywhere between $10,000rmb to $15,000rmb. Depending on where the turbines are purchased, the average cost is about $12,000rmb. That is approximately $1,700usd to $2,400usd.

Flying GEM G

This is an incredibly low expense in comparison to all present methods from their manufacturing cost for making their designated processes to station the creation of Electrical Power.

Given the cost of the Machine is -Not- expensive, the idea of having the machine on individual floors of a building can be connected to have greater electric output. Yet it depends on the electrical needs of the required demand. It is likely manufacturers can make smaller steam generators, that can be coupled to my Electricity Machine for one buildings Electrical Power requirements.

Again remember the F-GEM-G can power a heater which would provide the needed heat for the Steam Generator to be functional.

Since Smaller Steam Generators can be produced, which are lighter in weight; the combination with my Electricity Machine with the Smaller Steam Generator can also be used to power Cargo Ships, and Airplanes. If the US Navy can use Nuclear Power to power a Steam Generator on their War Ships and Submarines, the idea of using my Electricity Machine to power Ships and Airplanes is a real possibility. And we know my Electricity is much safer and more superior to using The Age of Decline Nuclear Power Method.

This means the ability to have electric power for Airliners and Ships, and the ability to create Power Recharging Stations for Electric Auto’s and Electric Bikes.

The Electricity Machine: The Flying GEM-G is meant to be built inside a building. Although it has 8 wind turbines, those wind turbines do not use the natural wind that blows outside. The Electricity Machine from it’s Gyro-rotation creates its own wind dimension which powers the rotation of their blades.

Manufactured Wind Turbines are made to be placed Outside in the Wind blowing current and are said to have a working life span of approximately 25 years. But since my wind turbines are inside a building, the working life span of them are dramatically increased. They are not exposed to the outside wind, sunlight, rain, and various temperature changes. They are kept out of the weather, which increases their life span. I believe their life span will more than double. Instead of 25 years, their life span will easily reach 50 years +.

The real maintenance that takes place is only the upkeep or yearly replacement of the battery that powers the F-GEM-G.

Given that battery technology has improved over the years, even replacing worn out batteries has an even greater and longer life span than ever before. Since the cost of the Electricity Machine is low in the first place; maintenance costs are not an issue of real concern.

The Modern Age is about developing the clean abundant, non-stop Electrical-Electricity-Electric Market which supports the MTR and Speed Train Rail Transport System.

Some people may feel they live too far away from the MTR to realistically use. But when the MTR and Electric Transport System begins in your Community, you can be assured the MTR System will have an Electric Bus, or Electric Taxis available to take you to the Station.

The Modern Age is not about the idea to exterminate the Olden Age. For indeed the Modern Age respects History and Historical Sites.

Many travelers want to visit Historical Sites of interest around the world. Furthermore it must remain clear that the Olden Age is not the same or meaning as The Age of Decline.

The Olden Age is given credit for its part in development of the World. Indeed during the Olden Age it was once thought of as their Modern Age of Development. Also the Olden Age never had the Financial Debt problems like The Age of Decline represents.

This should make it clear that our Modern Age of Development is not some sort of conspiracy to take over the world in the attempt to throw out or trash the Olden Age simply to make room for the Modern Age Expansion in the world.

The Modern Age respects and reveres the Olden Age and wish’s to use its Modern Age Development to preserve and protect the Historical meaning and content of the Olden Age. Foremost; it is to usher in a New Environmental Protection that with the advent of stopping the Pollution Streams of SMOG into the World, acid rain and other toxic gases will no longer be eating at the material or disfiguring Ancient Historical Sites and their Buildings.

Also Forests and the many Green Wildernesses and Domestic Agricultural Ambitions will flourish along with providing the needed therapy in reversing the Economic and Environmental Collapse initiated by the factors that created The Age of Decline.

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Dom Jermano

Please Note: I have other information that is not revealed due to my IPR aka Intellectual Property Rights, and Patent Rights. Contacting me, we can discuss the development.


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