Embracing The Modern Age: Part II

Embracing The Modern Age: Part II

Chapter A

So just what is the Modern Age, and how do we get there? First people need to educate themselves in the sense they have power over the University System. It is not the University or becoming an Alumni that establishes ones creditability in a particular Profession or Study.

It is not about going into debt from education for the rest of your life. It is not about becoming a Professor at a University so you can extract large sums of money from naive and uneducated students.

Professor is just another name for being in School longer than regular students. It’s like comparing a Freshman to a Senior, or a Teacher to a Principal. In reality Professors are still students, because no one on this earth can claim they know everything. In fact Universities and Professors have really let society down, by not having the ability to solve or recognize the trouble with their failed system.

How is it any University, or Professor of Authority get away with putting their students into a life of debt? Frankly it goes against the meaning of their Profession and Purpose. Teachers were meant to help students navigate the pits and falls of life, so they prosper.

Now a days in this Age of Decline, Schools and their Presidents and Professors only see themselves to be enriched by the ignorant. It is the same with Doctors and Hospitals who live off the sick, ill, and handicapped people. They try to justify their fees, by saying they had to pay much money and spend much time in reaching their goals.

But that excuse can not excuse their inability to see they have a responsibility to be morally honest in their own awareness of legitimate self worth when it comes to seeing you do not gain water from an empty well, or try to get blood from a stone.

The Modern Age Student is one who has the right to attend any University in the World he or she wants to go to. If they want a class in John Hopkins University for one month they can go, and get credit for it. Then that same student can go to a University in France for whatever time frame he or she see’s fit. In fact what occurs, is the student formulates their own special needs. It is not about accomplishing preset said University Standards, and submitting to a curriculum of Professors, putting students into a life of debt. A student can create their own degree called an Aggregation Degree of Professionalism.

They can go to as many Universities as they see fit, and keep going for as long as they wish, and set their own time table upon they believe they have reached their goals and point of graduation.

The premise is to get the University Systems in the World to allow and accept the rights of students to build their own Educational Degree Program. University heads will claim that students already have the ability to transfer credits, and although this is true, it still does not allow students to create their own degree programs. You have to enroll in already established programs, and pay other fees in concern to their Programs, with nonrefundable University Entrance Fees, instead of an ordinary class in attendance fee.


When we have the freedom toward our own Educational Pursuits this puts us on a path for The Modern Age.

When will we finally open our eyes, and see that through the many years, where people before us, have graduated from Prominent Universities to serve in Government and the Private Sector, have let us all down? They have not solved the many problems we face, in concern to our Nation and other Nations in the World.

We are trapped to their Financial Schemes that never have worked, and are beholden to their Illusion’s in thinking we should follow them into the World of indebted bondage and The Age of Decline.

I got off that road long ago, and determined to Preach, and Expose, and levy the Truth toward understanding the Misery of The Age of Decline, and help us see to move into The Modern Age.


Chapter B

The Modern Age is driven by an Energy Sector that focuses on more positive unlimited abilities to create Electrical Power. Oil will not simply vanish from the Energy Sector yet; but it will not be or remain a principle resource provider. It can not; due to it being the cause and contributor to The Age of Decline.

The Modern Age is about convenience of transportation. It is a transportation that is fast; reliable, clean, secure, nonpolluting, and readily accessible. The Modern Age is about the Electric MTR Trains, and Rails that serve Communities as well as linking communities together as a low fare expense to travellers, users, tourists, and local citizens.

The view of the Modern Age is using my Invention called The Flying GEM-G, that will provide the unlimited Energy Resource, Non-Stop, Non-Polluting, Electricity to power a Worldwide Speed Train Transport System.

By looking at the Globe of the World you can see that all the Continents can be linked together by Rail to support Speed Train Transportation from one country to another. All except Australia, and various Island Nations, because of their Southern Out of Distance Locations. The key bridge is linking Alaska to Russia over the Bering Strait to connect all the major Continents.

But Speed Trains are not really necessary, when you also have this to improve transportation to keep price fare tickets low:


It will be possible to travel from New York City to France on a Speed Train. It will be possible to travel from Japan to Germany, from China to Brazil, from Russia to Ireland, from Canada to Africa, and the list goes on.

All along the route lines will be businesses of interest in which people would use, and live by those created jobs. By opening up the Modern Age in advancing Speed Trains Transportation not only for people but for the Freight of Goods, will bring the Jobs, and material support all countries look forward too.

It would diminish the Military Complex, in which Nations would no longer feel threatened by each other; because of the Fear created by The Oil Consortium in wanting or needing to protect their Energy Sector Economic Interests from Oil Wells. The major World Wars were fought not so much because of Germany that created Hitler or Japans Dictator Hirohito, it was because of their own Economic Age of Decline. That being the fight in securing Oil Resources for their Economic Security.

The entire Worlds Political Framework of Economic Stability has been based solely on the control of Oil. Oil enables invasions, acquiring new territories, and then putting into place a Military State who dictates how Oil is sold and used according to the Oil Consortium’s Economic Expansionist demands.

If we had an Alternative Energy Resource, that all Nations in the World could attain, by not taking it away from another, what real reason would there be to go to War? You see, the reason has been Oil; that creates War.

The quest for Oil from The United States has created a survival theater in which many Politicians know Oil is a limited resource. This is why they have done some bad things, and justifying them on the basis that they are protecting human rights; when they invade another country that has lots of Oil Resources.

We know this is also an excuse, because of the Lack of Human Rights in the United States. One needs only see how racial discrimination has caused a widening gap between the Rich and poor, and how the United States has the largest and ever expanding Prison Population System in the entire World.

The irony is Black Americans can not get or afford Higher Education at Universities, but spend their time getting a free education while incarcerated at one of the many Prisons in the US, for 20 years or more. Whether their conviction was legitimate or not, the fact is, if we had Modern Age Education, instead of The Age of Decline Education, it is likely crimes would not be attempted or happen. If people had transportation access, so they are not profiled; it would have made them acquire the means to have the freedom to leave The United States, and not become a victim to crime and become a member to their Prison Organizations.

By setting up the Modern Age in which Speed Trains, and the MTR are abundant not only in America but around the World, a new attitude of prosperity and hope will arrive, in knowing we have that New Alternative Energy Resource. And that is The Flying GEM-G The New Unlimited Electrical Power Resource.

By having abundant MTR Systems throughout the World, people will be able to avoid traffic jams, and the risks of Auto Travel. This means connecting every city with an MTR System. The creation of Air Pollution from Auto’s will end. There will be no need for Auto Insurance or the many unnecessary things associated with supporting an Auto and Oil Consortium while contributing to the continuation of The Age of Decline.

The Economy will start to live instead of trying to exist, due to so many things which are tied to The Age of Declines Economic State in Maintaining the use of The Internal Combustion Engine. No more cars means Economic Freedom.

I relish the thought of leaving my home in the morning to walk a few blocks to get on a Speed Train that can take me to my Office or Work Place, knowing anytime I am linked and can go anywhere in the World.

No Traffic Jams, but a sure route of destination. Also no fear that someone will hijack the train and fly it into a skyscraper, or building killing thousands of people. And literally a much less threat that someone will blow up a train; because The Modern Age is designed to help the most people whom are in need. We need more Speed Trains run by clean power in the World, not less.

Chapter C

Nations that think owning a Nuclear Weapon brings them power are clearly mistaken. The Nuclear Age clearly belongs to The Age of Decline. Whether a Nation’s pursuit of Nuclear Power is for Electrical needs or Military Posturing, it is literally playing with death. It is like walking across a Tight Rope stretched across and linking two skyscrapers. The idea you can balance yourself safely and walk across to the other side is very risky and foolish to even consider or to even use your life in such a stunt. Nuclear Power is not safe, simply because of the radioactivity and toxicity to life it represents.


No matter how safe and secure you think it is; powers beyond the mortal man can not stop the reality of earthquakes, or of the occurrence of a sinkhole from happening. Cracking open those Nuclear Reactors to the Environment can literally wipe out an entire Nation and affect it’s livelihood for thousands of years. Why risk using Nuclear Power, when I have invented a safe Non-stop, Non-polluting, method in making and producing Electricity?

What good is having Nuclear Weapons when we know the real purpose and pursuit of The Modern Age? The Modern Age is not about protecting The Age of Decline of Oil and it’s depleted Oil Business Interests.

Everyone in the World wants and seeks The Modern Age. The problem is no one knows where it is, or how to get it. Politicians also have no idea, in which they do Age of Decline Acts on a continuous basis. They support the Military State, and muddle along in the SMOG graveyard. SMOG= So Many Oil Graves. They create Nuclear Weapons to protect those graveyards, in this Age of Decline.

Since I have discovered this new Unlimited Technology, The Flying GEM-G, doesn’t it make sense to Educate people and help them out of the Age of Decline? Doesn’t it make sense, that by offering Nations the ability to use this to create The Modern Age in exchange for them to not use Nuclear Power or Weapons, that they gain more than Economic Prosperity. They gain a realization of fact that Providing Solutions is more powerful than levying sanctions or going to War.

What need for terrorists to act against; when the Modern Age brings and develops their personal interests and living abilities? Frankly people want to live and have families and to make their own legacy in life. The Modern Age in my view with the Freedom of Education pursuits and a Worldwide Non-stop, Non-polluting, Speed Train Network of support would only benefit peoples and developing Foreign Countries. It would give people the opportunity to have their own business, and pursue their dreams.

Consider that Speed Trains or even very fast trains can have 2 decks. This is like the double deck buses found in the UK and Hong Kong. There would be more space for travelers, to sit and enjoy the traveling experience. In all considerations these Trains of Transportation can literally become moving Cities within themselves traveling to other Cities around the world.

Individual Train Cars can represent a Store or Business on Rails. For example: There would be a McDonald’s Restaurant Train Car for passengers to walk to and use while the Train is in motion. There would be various cars that represent their own Hotel where passengers stay and sleep during their trip.

There would be exercise gyms, a Basketball Court NBA Train Car; steam rooms, with weight machines, and massage rooms, located on a Train Car for example named Golds Gym.

Golds Gym

Banking Services for small amounts of money could support the traveling public such as an ICBC Bank Train Car, or some other Public or Private Service Bank.

There could be a University car where classes could be taken while en-route to their job, where a student is traveling to; as they work in developing their own University Curriculum and Aggregation Degree of Professionalism.

That Train Car would be supported by a Library Car in which people could go to read the news, watch a documentary, and or just recharge the battery to their Mobile Phone or Notebook I-pad.

The possibility to buy your own Train Car to live in would also happen. This type of Living would be supported by the Living Stock Option Company. Consider humans are always on the move, so why limit oneself to buying to one location? Why think you can only make Big money by buying and selling Real Estate? Buying and Selling Real Estate in reality should be a service related job, that sells fewer new homes, than resale of used homes. Someday the available land will be used up, and no new development available on the horizon.

Chapter D

The Modern Age fore-see’s this and has in place a better means to living while recognizing peoples transportation and traveling requirements. It is a way to make money, and live in beautiful homes in different places, or on different Speed Trains, traveling around the world. You can live in a different home or train car every 3 months according to International Visa and Passport Standards. Or buy the Living Stock Option that has time levied choices, of 3 months, 6 months, 9 months or every year.


This is called buying Living Stock Options, where instead of buying Real Estate and a Home you buy Living Rights in the form of Stocks with a Company that promotes Living in the Spaces or Train Cars, they have created in different places around the world. These places are very Modern with all the at Home Conveniences you can think of.

Whatever you do; don’t buy Real Estate:


You are not tied to a Bank Mortgage, or tied to some local Government tax scheme. It is similar to living in a Hotel but better, because the places you live are the size of homes, where you obtain the right to live in, because you bought a Living Stock Option.

Those Company names could have names such as Modern Destinations, Cosmopolitan Estates, Timely Living, Cheung Kong Holdings, operated by Chairman Li Ka-Shing, Millennium Hills,Architecture Gardens, or MTR Travel Home Inc.

In supporting Living Stock Option Companies whether through Government or the Private Sector, it provides an unlimited Registry of Earnings for people on a daily living basis. Once Society recognizes this, they will assign their Real Estate to be used in Living Stock Option Companies.

It frees them from paying taxes on the Property, and gives them more than any Equity Option can ever provide. Each time a person moves from one place to another; upon the prescribed time base, they will gain a determined increase to their earnings. If you have a job at one of the locations, you gain income from that job, and also from your Living Stock Option Earnings. The more Shares you buy of course the higher your monthly earnings become.

Many jobs in building new Homes for Living Stock Option Companies will gain their job income, while they use a portion of that income to buy more Shares from the Living Stock Options Company, and increasing their monthly earnings. This is why it is important to realize that MTR Speed Trains Transportation who also own and buy shares, move people in those jobs, that are potentially unlimited in the sense of job creation, because of the Unlimited New Energy Resource Machine; The Flying GEM-G.

What I am literally saying is that; we as a World we can anticipate Full Employment, moving Billions of people out of Poverty, and Establish a Worldwide Unlimited Energy Requisite Resource. that eventually will end the Financial Debt of Nations, and move them into the Modern Age of Opulence and Infinite Wealth Creation.

There would be no loan packages, which means no repossessions, or fears about Banks intentions, and solvency abilities. Your living stock option, affords you to be able to travel anywhere in the world and live at any of the Company sites or Train Cars they have established. As you live there, your stock gains value, and that value can pay you monthly living expenses.

For instance the idea will no longer be about the place where the invested value is considered in Real Estate; like when you buy a home. But the value is seen to where you and who you are, and the value placed upon your Character, and Honest dealings, with the Living Travel Company you bought shares in. You reflect the Living Stock Option Company, in attracting ever new personages to join the Company, by their buying of Living Stock Options, and increasing the Stock performance for Living. Individuals and Families can invest in this Company Living plan.

You now support the traveling industry and given the freedom and luxury to be and live where you want.

Chapter E

These train cars could also have pre-video landscape views in which would be the very same view when looking out the window. This way at night time people can watch the pre-filmed landscape at night. The pre-video would show what it looks like outside your window during the day while you are traveling at night. Passengers would always enjoy the real daylight view outside their window anytime at night.

That is but one great view and opportunity we are missing as a Society as we remain trapped by The Oil Consortium in this Age of Decline.

During the Modern Age our trains will also have Train Car Hospitals, and special cars for the Elderly and Handicapped. There can also be a Gambling Car, and Night Club Train Cars. We can only look forward to the day when all people from all walks of life whether old or young, whether handicapped or not can travel and see the many Nations and Wonders of the World.

In supporting the move from The Age of Decline to The Modern Age we create jobs, careers, and opportunities. Maybe the Modern Age should be called The Age of Awakening?

Whatever we want to call it, it certainly moves forward and away from The Age of Decline.

In understanding where we were, to where we are at now, we can see that understanding where we can go to The Modern Age, we now have an opportunity of where and what we can use our money for, and for what real purpose. We then define our ambitions and goals, careers, and Educational Standards.

Chapter F

Let me state that comparing Speed Trains to Airline Travel during the Modern Age; is like comparing Everyday Life to going on Vacation. Certainly we are not on Vacation everyday. We do not fly in an airplane or airliner everyday. But we do use transportation everyday on the ground. And this is where the Modern Age Speed Train and MTR is there for our daily convenience.

In view of knowing the fact my Electricity Machine can produce non-stop Electric Power without polluting our air, makes it much more less expensive to travel and much safer than flying.

Statistics show that there are more Airline crashes than Train wrecks; due to the more simplistic nature in traveling by train. Up until now, we have not been able to consider what is the Modern Age. We have not really thought about what it entails. People have only talked about having vibrant Economies, but are unable to be clear about what a vibrant Economy looks like. Their non-clarity of specifics toward reality throughout time, and I mean this has certainly been going on for a very long time, has certainly defined where we are now. And we are most certainly in The Age of Decline.

Also the fact remains, that Air Travel has more negative affects on the human body than Train Travel. In traveling by train your body is not going through a continual re-pressure process, which affects your ears and balance, and blood pressure. By having so many up and down fluctuations from Air Travel the human body is always in a state of Jet Lag and readjustment. Also, flying is much different than flying going out into Space, because once out in Space you settle into that condition for a period of time, before coming back to Earth. But frequent Air Flights with its constant up and down; take offs and landing changes is bad for your body and your health.

Chapter G

The means to produce Energy is the key to any Economic Development. No one has been able to find a 100% non-stop, non-polluting method in creating Electrical Energy ever. There are good ways and bad ways, and although we use Electricity today and we think it is good; really the way we get it today is substandard and marginal. The greatest substandard method is Nuclear Power. The radioactive waste lasts for thousands of years, and to think it is safe to use is complete nonsense. With the threat of earthquakes, sinkholes that swallow entire building sites; not to mention Tsunamis, like what happened in Japan, makes Nuclear Power not a real viable legitimate choice.


My Electricity Machine which I have invented is the safest and most reliable means toward Energy Creation. No one has done this before. I call my Electricity Machine: The Flying GEM-G. ” Gyro Electric Machine – Generator ” It is posted on the Internet and can be found if you search my name Dominic Jermano The Flying GEM-G or Dom Jermano

There you will see my small Toy Model that proves according to the Laws of Physics the Motion Theory Works. In using common sense from the comparison layout; my Electricity Machine uses a similar principle to how an Electric Bike works. Power from a battery makes the rear wheel spin.

Embracing The Modern Age Part III: https://djermano.wordpress.com/2013/04/09/embracing-the-modern-age-part-iii/

My Contact: djermano@yahoo.com

University of Navarra


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