Embracing The Modern Age: Part I

Embracing The Modern Age : Part I

Part I

Embracing the Modern Age in the World still mired in its footprints of the past is more than a challenging endeavor. It is changing whether we want it or not. For some it is leaving the old ways of doing things, for the new. And for others leaving the new ways and going back to the old.

{Note: If you have not read The Book of Mormon, and your excuse is you don’t have time, then you might as well not read this, because you won’t have time.} I am 3rd Nephi 21: 8-10


Whatever way, which way do we go, will surely be beneficial for those who think in common sense in the real world. The real World is suffering many pains. Pains so great that it is quite possible so called developed countries will become the same as undeveloped countries, stricken with unemployment and poverty. Or be like the Developing Countries such as China, and build millions of brand new homes and new cities where nobody is living, and claim they have shortage of housing.

These people are either really ignorant who run the Government or ruthless Crooks who prevent people from buying in order to keep housing prices high.

See here: http://www.sodahead.com/united-states/china-and-hong-kong-nee…

One of the greatest problems we face is unending debt, and a system that was setup after WWI that created The Federal Reserve. The Fed, was started after WWI, with the design to control the money supply. That design was made to create indebtedness, and Fractional Reserve Banking. The problem is the Fed. is against the Principals of Freedom, which would assure indebtedness is not Controlled which means they can make more debt; but it is paid back, or forgiven. The Fed was designed to control the Free Markets, and Free Markets can not be controlled when they have unpayable debt. Since you can not control Free Markets, that is why Nations are collapsing financially in the World because of no new credit lines, while eking out a living through measures of Austerity.

The debt is so massive in the United States and Europe that it is literally impossible to pay it down when there is a boom on in unemployment. Banks have crashed because of Wall Street Trading Scams, False Accounting, Lying about Derivatives, and Fabricated LIBOR rating practices.

The irony is, how can highly indebted Nations bail out: Too Big To Fail Banks, when they can’t bail themselves out.

What needs to happen is to end The Federal Reserve Powers and Establish a World Credit Organization, called The WCO. We have the WTO, The World Trade Organization, but we have no Established Credit Organization that deals with the Financial Security of The WTO.

This Institutional Organization would Monitor and Regulate Credit of all Nations in the World, and with members of the WTO, World Trade Organization.

It’s purpose or authority would not determine individual Nations Domestic Credit Abilities, but it would become the Authority of Nations who work together in Cooperation to buy each others debt, so they become debt free for a predetermined 10 year time frame. Buying another Nations Debt, does not mean that Nation has decided to pay off the other countries debts, because the other country is also buying their debt as well, as a means to helping each other eventually exit the debt traps they are in.

The WCO is for The World Credit Organization. It supports and Guarantees The SCO. The State Credit Organization. The State Credit Organization is the New Organization that will replace The Age of Decline Federal Reserve. The WCO will be the SCO safety net. The SCO is for individual States in the United States to work in cooperation with each other to buy each others debt, during a 10 year time frame.

Presently Nations try to solve their debt crisis by means of austerity, or raising their debt ceilings. They may even credit themselves with more debt, in attempts to stimulate the market. But borrowing more money to stimulate the market is a waste of time, because the reason markets can’t grow is because of no ability to pay down the debt. To Stimulate is like stepping on the gas peddle, making you go faster to fly off the cliff.

The WCO would be used for Nations to buy each others debt. A Nation can not buy debt from itself, to make it debt free. But Nations can buy each others debt to make themselves debt free. This is much different than Nations buying another Nations bonds; because that only finances the others debt as IOU’s.

By buying another Nations debt it makes the other Nation debt free; freeing them and making them open for new Lines of Credit Availability.

The WCO is put into action after the SCO has finished it’s Credit Pairing of States and finished it’s Credit buying. The reason that the SCO has an incentive to do their business, is because the WCO is the backup guarantee that they can not go default and fail.

The SCO: State Credit Organization allows 2 States of their choosing to buy each others debt from each other through a 10 year repayment due process.

In other words say New York and California agree to Buy each others debt. They pair up and New York Buys California Debt; and California buys New York’s debt. This now makes New York Debt free, and California Debt free.

The debt bought is not due and payable until after 10 years. It would be like buying a house and not making any payment, except the whole payment on a certain day 10 years from the time the loan was taken out. And it would be only .25 interest. That small interest would be used by the SCO to pay expenses of Operation, instead of relying on the Publics Tax System of Allocation .

During the 10 year period the State Governments would agree to Austerity measures that would halt spending to allow their debt to decline. The Private Sector would have new Credit Standing, creating jobs for the New Infrastructure in bringing forth The Modern Age.

At the end of the 10 year time frame, the States attend to their Accounting Budgets to determine the amount of reduced debt, tabulated from the imposed State Government Austerity Policy.

If determined low enough the State may go on it’s own Credit Standing. If determined it needs another 10 year cycle; that State may pair up with another State and repeat the time table process. In other words, California could buy Texas debt and Texas would buy California debt. New York would buy Maryland debt, and Maryland buys New York debt.

This process would establish secure credit lines for each individual State, while assuring high levels of employment.

Once the SCO has begun writing credit for States to buy each others debt, the WCO initiates its broader Credit Guarantee by allowing Nations the same formula protection. The USA would now buy Europe debt. and Europe would buy US debt.

This will open the door for International Transactions that would allow the International Infrastructure to take shape and form. This would include the development of a Worldwide International MTR Speed Train, and Electric Freight Train Transport System; which would support World Tourism , and provide Worldwide Environmental Protection.

Many jobs would be established, which would provide the necessary income revenue that would pay down or pay off National debts and deficits.

But before Europe can do this, their Individual Members would need a similar Organization like the SCO. Europe would administer the EMCO, or European Member Credit Organization. They would follow the same described process as the SCO. For example: France would buy England debt, and England would buy French debt. They too would follow a 10 year loan period process.

Again those countries France and England would install Government Austerity to lower their debts, and have a clean slate toward Private Sector Job and Infrastructure Development, Credit Lines.

Of course when the jobs are realized the Private Sector watches it’s repayment cycle in concern to their new Credit Availability. They can not over extend credit, so they do not cause the same problem as the one they are trying to fix now.

So France for example buys England debt; like Italy would buys Greece’s, and Greece buys Italy’s. Germany would buy Spain’s debt, and Spain buys Germany’s. All EU Members can decide whom to pair up with.

Once this begins the WCO can authorize US and EU Credit Loans following the same 10 year period process.

In effect we have a Credit available Economy, with Government Austerity Measures in place, and a 10 year Cycle Credit Bridge Guarantee to the Future.

And now that we have a solid Financial Credit Plan, in making financing available, we now have to decide what that financing will be used for. Many people in leadership roles, have no idea of how or what to do about making the future, or what it entails. In the following chapters , I will explain this.

What is the Future? And for that matter what do we spend the money on?

The future is our intellectual ambition to strive for the Modern Age. The Modern Age is seeking A Golden Egg. This is when we are all wanting to achieve for the betterment and most convenient prosperous means in attaining wealth, for living a long and healthy life.

We want it to be interesting, easy, accessible, and equal for all. In other words we don’t want poverty. When Rich people ignore those whom want to make a difference because the Rich essentially prohibit, and prevent them; it causes division and hate. The question is how can the Rich claim to be rich when the society they live is filled with poverty?

In our present circumstance in which in this year of our Lord 2013, we do not live in a Modern Age. It is apparent we are now in The Age of Decline. The Age of Decline is upon us, because the conditions of awareness were not really understood. The fact is mankind has never really known the Age of Decline. Some may compare it to the Great Depression as to what happened in the 1930’s; but that is not a true comparison.

In the 1930’s we did not have the same level of wealth as we have today to see it tumble into the Great Depression of 1930’s. There was not the same Banking System, or huge debt encumbering the Nations as they do today. We did not have the Military Dominance as we do today; in which the Atomic Bomb was not even invented then or yet.

Also Nations were just starting to learn the Economics of the Oil Business Consortium. The Auto Industry and Oil Consortium took control of the Energy Sector to manipulate and drive the Economy. And as the Economy grew the people in control of the Oil Consortium gained more wealth. Instead of using that wealth to promote greater freedoms, they inverted it toward achieving a Military State, where they used the Federal Reserve to create huge debt to fund their Military Ambitions, and making the Average and Poorer Americans to pay for it.

In their deceit the Rich claimed the Military protects the Average and Poorer American Interests. The question is? What interests do Average and Poorer Americans have? They do not control wealth or allowed access to it. It is all a ploy by the Rich to assure their control over the people. The people are those who know that we are striving for the Modern Age. We can not do it, when the Rich actually stand in the way of it’s development.

The Age of Decline is apparent because the debt and the expansion of the Military to assure the wealth of the Oil Consortium is no longer a solution but a major problem, and mistake. Not only is the World suffering from Debt, but the excessive use of Oil is choking out life from Smog filled polluted skies in all the major Cities around the World. Not only are people dying of Cancer more these days because of it, but the actual resource of Oil is reaching its dismal end. The use of Oil and Coal has also contributed greatly to the pollution of all the Major Rivers in the Developed World, affecting our clean water supply.

The world is like a big bottle of Oil. We can drill and drill and take out as we want, but the reality is, someday that bottle will be empty. Just like the letter E of your fuel gauge on the dashboard of your car. With this in mind, do you really think it makes sense for the Rich to have created so much Military debt to protect their Oil Consortium Wealth of Interests; when they ruin our air and water resources, while Oil resources are on the decline?

Just what is the thinking to protect empty Oil wells, and Polluted Cities? I will tell you. It’s the Rich’s blind greed that has pushed us all into The Age of Decline.

But if you don’t believe me, then why are they doing this?


What is more chilling and scarey is when they use the Military, and kill thousands of innocent people to take remaining Oil resources from undeveloped Nations. This is what we call Criminal, Murder, Mayhem, and Plunder.

And the Rich justify their murder campaigns on the Political Basis, in which they claim they are bringing Freedom and Democracy to those Oil Rich Resource Undeveloped Nations. They would never go into a country that they assert has no Freedom or Democracy or Oil Resources.

So you can be assured, it is not Freedom or Democracy as the issue, but assuredly the false notion they have the right to take any Oil Resources from any Sovereign Foreign Country and claim it as their own.

Thinking that the Modern Age will be based on an Oil Economy is like thinking the Age of Decline is the Pot of Gold at The End of the Rainbow.

The Modern Age is stepping out of the Oil Wells going dry, and focusing on an Energy Sector that can provide unlimited energy; and energy that does not pollute. Nuclear Energy is Not part of or wanted in the Modern Age Tool Box.

This is where my invention the Flying GEM-G has been revealed to me, by the invisible hand of God.

This means there is a way to produce electricity as our new Energy Sector Power Source without polluting, or going down the path of Toxic Radioactive Nuclear Power Generation; waiting for a Sinkhole disaster to happen.

Just what is the Modern Age? Let me say this. Do you think the Oil Consortium has delivered society the Modern Age?

Has it brought us clean Air?
Has it provided the Opportunity for all?

Has it really helped the Real Estate Market in Cities knowing when you live on the upper floors, you can breathe all that wonderful Smog into your lungs?

Pollution skys Beijing

Do you enjoy the daily traffic jams, in which cars line up and down a road just sitting there idling away the gas fumes into the air, and are breathing sighs of relief when you move forward a meter or two? Do you enjoy driving into the City after sitting hours in a traffic jam to then find no place to park your car; so you end up driving around a block for another hour hoping to find an empty slot for your car to park in, and when you do; someone else cuts in front of you and steals the spot?

traffic jams Beijing

Is this the Modern Age the Oil Consortium is bringing us; such happy memories? And how about all that money you spend on Auto Insurance, and License Fees, and Taxes, not to mention all those road tolls you have to pay all the time?

Road Toll Traffic Jam

And then consider all the automobile accidents that happen all the time on a daily basis, while being injured, and or killed while being rushed to the Hospital, to be cared for, or pronounced dead. Do you think this is the convenient Modern Age the Rich Oil Consortium has provided for us?

And then when you become well thankfully missing your attendance at the County Morgue, you have to go to Court to take part in the Lawsuit filed against the guy who slammed into you. Or you one day had to go to Court to fight from needing to pay for a speeding ticket knowing you did not go over the Speed Limit, but a victim to a Police quota scheme initiated for bringing revenue into the City’s Police Department.

Or how about putting up with the road rage of crazy drivers cutting in front of you, or stealing that parking space. Or putting up with people giving you the finger or waving a loaded hand gun at you on a busy intersection.

Is this the meaning of the Modern Age from the Rich controlled Oil Consortium?

But hey, the Modern Age of the Oil Consortium gets even better when they claim, because one evening you park your car and the next morning set to go to work, to find all your wheels were stolen off your car. Not only that but your driver window was smashed in, so thieves could steal your Auto Alarm System, and GPS Computer.

Then the Oil Consortium will claim life is not a bed of roses. I guess not when people get behind the wheel drunk and intoxicated to collide head on into a School Bus, killing all on board because the bus went over a steep embankment and caught fire from the collision.

And while we roll along daily with the Oil Consortium Modern Age View, we can remain victims to their constant gas price increases, stayed upon the many Political excuses of OPEC and the staged Wall Street trading lies, explaining how free Markets establish prices being hiked, upward.

With all due respect; the Oil Consortium has not brought us the Modern Age, but has delivered us all to the Age of Decline.

How many more cars can we squeeze on the once known as a Highway; but has essentially become nothing more than a very long Parking Lot?

Do you think there might be a real reason why Chrysler Corporation a Big Car Manufacturer went down the drain? Do you think there might be a real reason why GM General Motors followed the same down the drain hole?

And if you really believe Barack Obama saved the Auto Industry you must really believe the Oil Consortium is the ultimate level of prosperity and happiness in their view of The Modern Age.

That is like thinking a mosquito is the happiest in it’s time of life, when swatted and vaporized by an Electric Bug Swatter.

The Modern Age to the Oil Consortium means the Rich people who control the US Government and it’s Military Industry think they have the right to decide the fate and behavior of other Foreign Governments.

Let’s be clear; since I believe that 911 was an American Secret Government Inside Job in collaboration with the Israeli Government, I know that they have a deep misunderstanding of the Quest and meaning for The Modern Age.



At first they claimed it was a War on Terror; then it was a War on Saddam and Iraq; then it was a War on Alqaida; then it was a War on Osama BinLadin, then it became a War on Muslims, then it became a War on Islamic Fundamentalist. We are now waiting and still anticipating who the next group will be to declare war on.

Maybe it will be The Catholic Church, because of the accusations of Child Abuse by Priests. But if this was true, why hasn’t this been a problem with the women of The Catholic Church, namely the many Sisters, and Nuns of the Catholic Church?

Maybe this is the real reason Pope Benedict Resigned instead of Retired. If he retired Lawyers could still sue him in Court, but if he Resigned, he would get off like Richard M. Nixon did.

In any event, it is clear the Oil Consortium will do anything and say anything to try and convince the naive people to stay in line to their Age of Decline.

So what is a key ingredient to The Modern Age? http://www.sodahead.com/united-states/the-future-is-mtr-aroun…

Wisdom dictates that the Evils we have today certainly have been with us throughout the Ages of Mankind. Sin has been the stain and also a real link to the understanding of The Age of Decline.

The difference of back then and today is the fact we have Jesus Christ our Lord who takes away the Sins of the World, and guides us toward the fulfillment of The Real Modern Age. If we listen deeply and to him, the things we fear will no longer trouble us.

The Modern Age is the MTR. It is the ability for clean, safe, reliable, transportation.

The Modern Age Part II : https://djermano.wordpress.com/2013/04/09/embracing-the-modern-age-part-ii/

My contact: djermano@yahoo.com


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