Want To Have Them Pay You Each Month To Live In A House? The New Way To Living, Without Buying or Renting A House. Buy Living Stock Options.

Can t Sell Your House

Do not Buy Real Estate, because you will lose money. The only people who think they make the money are the Banks who use you in taking out their loans. They know the Economy will always be bad, and they also know in time, they will repossess the house from you.

You think you have a job, but that job is subjected to the whims of the Local or Federal Government who really control the Banks. When they are unable to use you any longer in grabbing Loan money for the Homes they already control, they will have the Employer Fire you, or get rid of you. Then take your Invested money, repossess the home, and find another sucker to re buy the home you were kicked out of.

This is how Banks work. Banks will also take the failed loan from you, and repackage it with other Bank Loans that also have other failed loans, with some good loans and sell them to another Bank, so they make money. The Bank who buys this from another Bank does not care, because they will do the same thing in selling to another Bank. A lot of US Banks like to sell these failed loans to Banks in Foreign Countries.

And so what happens is the continued cycle in fleecing unknowing hard working people, in a Bank Cycling Scheme that really controls the levers of any Local Economy.

The people who think they make the money are the people who work for the Banks, and support the Fleecing Arrangements, because those Banks offer money contributions to Politicians who will assure they do not bring them to Court for wrong doing. Bank CEO’S and Wall Street Bankers get away from any legal prosecution for their criminal behavior.

And Banks can not go on in continual buying, because it puts them in trouble by buying defunct failed loans, essentially always putting themselves at a loss.

Presently Banks are trying to sell their repossessed homes taking a loss, while jacking up rents, thinking they will gain, but in fact no one wants to buy Real Estate, they also do not want to pay high Rent.

But there is a way to solve the problem. First is to recognize that Bankers certainly have no clue about doing the right thing, because no one has thought of it before, or Bankers and Politicians just want to go with the flow of $hit that keeps them in their jobs.

The way is by setting up and buying Living Stock Options, where you buy Stock into a Company that provides housing. When you buy that stock you can live in one of their houses for a predetermined time frame. You essentially make money by living there, because your Stock is earning dividends.

You can have a job and earn money while at the same time, also earning dividends on your stock. The Banks are no longer in control of your life. You can invest your money into any other Business Stock as you wish, or invest to buy more Living Stock Options.

Your job can be with The Living Stock Options Company by working in the Office Headquarters in handling Stock Buying, and Selling your Stock. Or you can also work in the Building Construction Department owned by the Living Stock Option Company, or work and do what you like.

The point is you are no longer trapped in the failed Banking Establishment that only looks for ignorant people to use, in keeping in place their failed system.

Would you pay 1 million $dollars for this:
Shack for 1 million dollars

Because of the Failed Bank Mortgage System, the price for crap like this is destroying the Value of the Dollar, and the real value of Real Estate. Yet people follow the lie that buying Real Estate can make you money.

Real Estate like all material things has to go through Devaluation of Depreciation. All things wear out. When you buy something new for say $100 dollars, of course that same item in 5 years is not going to be worth $200 dollars. It will be much less, or essentially Junk.

So how can people think Real Estate does not follow that same logic? So the Politicians, and Bankers, and Wall Street Crooks, lie to you, steal your money, and creditability for their own Greedy, Selfish and Blind Motives.

If you want to live in a nice house, where you do not have to worry about Rent going up, where you do not have to worry about the False Value of a Homes worth, where you can make money by living there each month, and know you do not have to worry about selling it, then you should consider buying a Living Stock Option from a Living Stock Options Company.

This is a new plan for The Modern Age in the World, and people are working to setup this new Company Plan.

I am only the messenger at the moment in solving and stopping the Crooks who are wrecking and controlling their Plans to keep us all slaves within their Age of Decline. Don’t believe me?

See here in Hong Kong:


And if you think it makes sense for Hong Kong being crowded in these Bird Cage Apartments, look at this on Mainland China. There are millions of Empty Homes and Apartments that are brand new, but no one is living there, called China’s Ghost Cities:


Modern Interior


I have thought about this for sometime now. I really believe having Stock in a Company that manages Real Estate Property for Living is the way to go. No one can claim they own individual property but instead every share holder holds shares of interest to those Properties.

Why should you have to come up with such a huge down payment, then finance a loan, and then make monthly payments, pay taxes, and literally become a slave to the Property and to the Bank? Then because of factors not in your control in which you lose your job, or some family emergency occurs, you are faced in having to sell the house. And you are not guaranteed to get the amount of money to pay off that loan, if you find a willing buyer to buy it.

And with a slump in the economy and ever increasing fuel bills, people become trapped. There are even people who think they are well off, until reality opens the door to them, and then they find the great trouble before them, in getting rid of the property.

So my conclusion is the World needs to get off the Age of Decline concept in buying Real Estate. No one says you have to buy Real Estate. Instead; buy what I call Living Stock Options. They are bought from a Company that provides shares to people in which gives them the right to live in the home or modern made dwellings to live.

The Buying of Shares gives you the opportunity to acquire Dividends each month. So when you are living at the Modern Home provided by the Living Stock Option Company, you make money by living there, instead of giving out money to live there, as Home Mortgage People do in making their monthly payments, or as Renters do each month.

I would rather make money from a Stock or Share to where I live, than pay out money and interest payments to Banks, or Landlords.

receive a dividends check

The Landlord Renter Lease Scheme actually creates poverty, because there is only one person who benefits, and that is the guy who collects the rent money, and he probably hands it to the Bank to pay the mortgage.

So why do we in the Financial World create poverty, instead of Wealth for all the people?

It is pretty clear. The reason the Banks Failed, the reason Wall Street Brokers Lie, when selling those failed loans is because they know deep down, the system is rigged, and does not really work.

So why keep doing the same dumb things that wreck the Financial Goals in creating wealth? And that answer is because they do not know what to do, or what that may be.

This is why I have created The Living Stock Option Financial Freedom Plan, setup by a Living Stock Option Company.

I have the idea right now. And what I need to do, is, put forward the plan in the Financial Sector, then have it listed on the Stock Market, and watch the boom begin, in which people will start buying those shares, and begin living in those homes.

A great issue of concern is getting those living spaces, or homes listed with the Company that needs to be setup.

This can be done through Real Estate Companies looking for a way to support their operations. Real Estate Companies, then join the Stock Option Company, so instead of selling homes, they sell the shares for people to buy from, so they can go live in the homes that are available. Agents can collect a planned commission for their services.

People who want to sell their homes, should consider signing into the Living Stock Option Company. They will never have to worry about selling their home again. In fact by signing over the house to the Living Stock Option Company, they acquire Stocks of the Company, in which those stocks can be sold to many buyers.

Furthermore, the sale of Stocks is much easier, and much faster transaction, than actually going through the Sale of a House.

sell a stock

All things considered by having this Living Stock Option people will become richer, with more opportunity, because now everyone has a interest in each other; unlike no one has an interest in our present failed Bank Mortgage house system, that creates poverty and moves everyone into The Age of Decline.

So getting this message out, I think will make people happier, relieved that we have a plan, and then getting people to help me bring it to reality.

How does it work?

You go into the Living Stock Option Company, and tell them you want to buy shares to the Company.

In order to buy shares you need to purchase at least 300 shares. 1 share is $100 dollars. So when you buy 300 shares, that is 30,000 dollars.

If you don’t have 30,000 dollars, you can go to the bank to get a personal loan. The dividends you get each month from buying the Living Stock Options can be used to pay back the loan to the bank, for a period of time.

You then sign a l year contact to live in the house. Depending on the Stock Option prices, you will get a dividend check each month, say for 1,000 dollars. After 1 year living you must move to another house. This is when you need to sell your 300 shares. Someone will buy your shares, and it is determined you will make more money than you originally paid for them. Now you have the money to buy another 300 or more shares to live in another house for again another 1 year contract.

During your time living in your house, you can be working at a job somewhere making money, and also knowing you will be getting a Dividend Check from the Company and actually being paid to live in the house.

In considering the long term outlook, you make money by buying Stock from a Living Stock Option Company. You never have to worry about selling a house.

It is much easier to sell stock in concern to housing, than it is in comparison to selling a house by the old method of a Real Estate Listing, Closing Costs, Paying Points, Agent Commissions, and Bank Loan Requirements. We know that system is defunct, and you lose money .

So in my honest opinion, this is going to be the direction of Real Estate in the development of The Modern Age. Not only in the United States but around world.

Some people may want to live in a Living Stock Option Home for longer than one year, and this is available, but you have to buy more Stock Options. 2 years would require buying 400 shares in the initial Stock buying. 3 years would be 500 shares, and so forth.

Banks need to reform. They just can not go on, with their failed programs.


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