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The above links were deleted by Sodahead which destroyed my web connection in explaining this great invention.  They violate my human rights and free speech, in wanting to live and have my own Food and Energy Security. The American Government are Criminals, Murderers and Thieves, make no mistake about it.

Embracing The Modern Age: Part III

Embracing The Modern Age: Part III

My Electricity Machine uses a similar principle to how an Electric Bike works. Power from a battery makes the rear wheel spin.…

In so doing my Electricity Machine uses that same real wheel principle, not on the ground, but placed in the Air horizontally, attached to a Central Axle implanted to the Floor and Ceiling.

Fig 1.
Flying GEM G

When you consider an Electric Bike wheel; it is engaged and in contact to the ground. It encounters the results of friction when the bike travels along a road surface.

As you can see in Fig.1

The wheel to my Electricity Machine is placed horizontally in the air, attached to a Central Axle, and spins freely with no Friction or Road Surface to contend with. This makes all the reason, that my suspended Wheel I now call a Gyro spins much more freely, with no Friction. Given the fact a person rides the Electric Bike, the average weight of a person is about 120-200 lbs. Accordingly, the weight on my Electricity Machine is determined by the wind-turbine size.n

When you ride an Electric Bike you can achieve various speed limits. You can reach 10mph, 20 mph, 30mph, 40mph, and even 50mph from better quality bikes. This means you have a 10 mph or more wind that hits your face, and so on as you increase speed.

Mind you; this is apparent when riding on a very calm day. If you go 10mph, you are moving into a 10mph wind that hits your face; and so on as you increase the speed. When riding on a very calm day, if you go 10mph, you are moving into a 10mph wind; created by your forward motion.

When I attach a small wind turbine to my Gyro that is attached to the ceiling and floor, and turn on the power so the Gyro rotates; I can make it spin from 10mph up to 50mph. This means a wind force can encounter my wind turbine blades to make them spin. When they spin, it creates electricity.

Fig. 2
Flying GEM G

I can therefore control ,the amount of Electrical Output, by how fast the Gyro Wheel Spins. According to the balance of Physics I can place a number of wind turbines attached to the Gyro-Wheel, to achieve greater levels of Current, Amps, Voltage, or Electrical Output.  Wind Turbines can only spin so fast. Anything over 50 mph wind can destroy a Wind Turbine.  So by using the Electric Bike Principles in which Bike speeds can only achieve approximately at it’s highest speed 50 mph, makes the idea of using for Wind turbines, a safe speed option in achieving maximum level performance.

I can place 4 wind turbines in equal balance opposite each other on the Gyro Wheel. Consider seeing a circle O with a cross or + in the center. The 4 points on the Gyro Wheel where the Wind Turbines are located is clearly obvious.

Fig. 3 : Turbine Positions on Gyro.
The below illustration should be a circle. But you get the idea.

/ 2 \
1 + 4
\ 3 /

Small wind turbines come in various sizes. They are as small as 50 Watts to 1000Watts. Each Watt size has a different weight. The smaller Watt size is obviously not as heavy as the larger Watt size. A 300 Watt wind turbine weighs about 9 lbs. So when I have 4- 9 lb wind turbines they weigh only 36 lbs. Much lighter than an Average Size person riding an Electric Bike. This also means I have 1200 Watts of power to use.

If an Electric Bike can work, knowing it’s wheel is in friction on the ground, and it carries a person that weighs from 120-200 lbs or more; just think how much easier it takes to make my Electricity Machines Gyro-Wheel to spin and operate. This is my Common Sense and Logical Comparison.

Knowing how little weight I have, I now have the ability to add more wind turbines to my Gyro-Wheel. And can also use larger Watt Wind Turbines, which means I can add more weight to increase my Electrical Output. Let’s consider using 8 wind turbines with each having 500 Watt Output.

This means I can achieve 4000 Watt Output. If each 500 watt wind turbine weighs 25 lbs, I have in total only 200 lbs weight on my Gyro-Wheel. 4000 Watts may not seem like enough Wattage, but if I build 2 Electricity Machines I have 8000 Watts. And given the fact I can make my Electricity Machine a Bigger Size, I can make it handle 1000 Watt Size wind turbines, to double the Wattage Output, to 16000 watts.

Whatever the Electrical Power needs are needed, they can be met by building more supporting machines or bigger sizes. And the cost is still very much lower than present electrical method costs, and expenditures.

If I use the 500 Watt Size Wind Turbine realistically it only takes one of them to recharge my battery or Capacitor that makes the Gyro-Wheel Spin. It does not matter if I use a battery or large Capacitors. The fact is I can recharge them, making the Electric Machine have the ability to run non-stop 24 hours a day. As the battery gives power to rotate the Gyro-wheel, the Wind Turbine gives that power back in recharging the battery; so it has a continuous non-stop give and take operation.

As the Power from the Battery or Capacitor is sent to the Gyro-Wheel to make it spin; that rotation moves the 8 DC wind turbines around in a circle. The motion creates its own wind, making the wind-turbine blades rotate. As they spin; the wind turbines produce Electricity.

The electrical power produced from each Wind Turbine is directed to the Center of the Gyro-Wheel, where it is transferred to contact points located on the main axle. There the power is distributed to where it is needed for use.

The Flying GEM-G does not burn any fuel to create Electricity. It does not use coal, oil, or gas. It uses no combustible resource.

It is better than Solar and Outside Wind Turbines. Why?

Because Solar uses the Sun, and that means it is limited. The Sun does not shine at night, nor does it during cloudy days. No Sun means no light contact on the Solar Panels, and no electrical production. You can not achieve 100% non-stop 24 hour electrical generation on a daily basis, with Solar Power.

Wind Power Outside is also limited. The wind does not blow everyday, nor can you decide or control how fast the wind will blow. Outside wind power will not give you 100% non-stop 24 hour Electrical Power on a daily basis.

The Flying GEM-G however can produce Electricity non-stop, 24 hours a day on a daily basis. This makes my electricity machine a much more reliable and better method in producing electrical power, which means assuring Energy Security. It is better than all present methods known to mankind in creating and controlling electrical power.

The World is suffering from massive amounts of Air Pollution, from one major City after another. Hong Kong itself has major Air Quality Pollution Problems. Solving this crisis requires action by Environmental Groups and People in Respective Government and Private NGO Circles. This includes groups such MTR Corporation and WGO: World Green Organization.

My Electricity Machine offers the solution to stopping and halting the continuation of Pollution and Smog in our lives, while also assuring an Energy Resource that can not be depleted or used up like the substances of Oil, Coal, and Gas.

The Modern Age is a frame of mind toward correct investment action that promotes human quality of life objectives. It requires understanding the real base of life; centers not only on Religion and God, but on the ability of using clean unlimited available energy.

That ability creates our higher standard toward better human quality of life.

My Electricity Machine is the Future.

Knowing that this machine can create Electricity means it can power essential other machines that need electricity to operate.

Consider the Common Air Conditioner.

air conditioner

Upon knowing I have the required Wattage and Voltage which my Electricity Machine can produce power to operate an Air Conditioner, opens the door to the Modern Age.

On earth having an Air Conditioner in a home brings many living benefits. Not only does it provide cool air for bodily comforts, it also produces water. (H20)

In China and America this water is discarded as waste water and simply allowed to go down the drain.

When my Electricity Machine powers the Air Conditioner, that water is -NOT- discarded or allowed to go down the drain.

It is collected, and will be used. I have tested the water myself, finding it better than the water from any household water faucet or tap.

I have raised Goldfish in Air Conditioner run off water, having seen fish become more livelier and live longer than being in household tap water. Water from an Air Conditioner can be used for watering plants, to include flowers, vegetables, fruit trees, and grapevines.

This water can also be used for personal bathing, washing clothes, cleaning dishes, or water for your cat or dog. I have personally drank the water after proper filtering, and know it is safe to drink. Having this water resource, in which is water I have created, makes it possible for people to have life and independence. People can have their own Greenhouses to grow food.

People can live by having their own Electricity Machine that powers an Air Conditioner for their home or work place; and have the means to grow their own vegetables and food, with a never ending water supply.

I find this to be quite incredible, fantastic; and highly beneficial.

But to make this even more marvelous and wonderful is my Electricity Machine which runs non-stop, and can power an Air Conditioner and creates Water ( H20 ) can also create and make new Air and Oxygen 02.

Consider that since my Electricity Machine can make water and the fact this means water is available, provides the opportunity that I can also create 02 , Oxygen, or Air.

Through the process of Electrolysis, water can be split. An Electrical charge is placed into the water, and the water changes to 2 gases. One gas is hydrogen, and the other is O2 or Oxygen. Having the ability to create oxygen non-stop means essentially the ability to produce atmosphere.

Clean Air can be supplied inside ones home. Clean Air can be supplied for Hospitals. Clean Air can be supplied for living on other planets in our Solar System out in Space. And can be used on Space Stations or Space Ships orbiting the earth, or traveling to other planets. This means people can literally live on the Moon, or any Planet if humans finally decide to travel there.

It also means humans can literally live and survive in any type of hostile environment.

People can live in or on the many deserts in the World. They can even live on the Ocean Floor if they want. This means being able to bring Electrical Power to the 2 billion people in the World who do not have Electricity. They can grow their own food, pump their own water, create their own water, air, and have Air Conditioning for a new living life.

To me that is an Outstanding Achievement and desired goal, God willing, we will be blessed.

People should be excited about this, outside the United States, because they have their own Governments not Controlled by the Political madmen who usher in nonstop War from the USA. People who live in the US are trapped to the Politics of War which they claim determines their Patriotic Identity, while dragging and torturing people into believing their highly indebted Financial Age of Decline.

Further good news about my Electricity Machine is that since it can produce Electricity, this means it can support the Power of an electric heater, and produce heat. By using an Electric Heater it can be the power source which supplies the heat in heating up a Steam Power Generator.

heater cores

The heat produced can be used to heat Steam Generators that Electric Power Companies use to provide the power for Cities and towns across many Countries and in the Developed World. This means the literal end in needing to use Coal to burn for heat in powering Steam Generators.

It means my electricity machine can produce power, and can be used to provide the heat resource for already established Steam Generator Electric Operations. We know that would create even more electrical output than the Electricity Machine can individually supply and produce. The good news is that it is the end of Coal, Oil, and Gas which causes the havoc of SMOG and Poison Polluted Air.

In Beijing the Air Pollution is very bad, and China Government Leaders are awakening to the fact how China Sinopec, also a member to the Oil Consortium is and has taken China down the road to The Age of Decline.

Beijing should be embracing The Modern Age. They need to jump on the MTR Electric Golden Egg Development Infrastructure Project and bring convenient, clean, nonstop, safe Electric Transportation to the Beijing Community Theater. Air Pollution and SMOG will disappear along with the nightmare traffic jams.

I have worked out estimate costs in producing one electric machine. Accordingly it varies due to the size wind turbine used. Since wind turbines vary in size from 50 watts to 1000 watts, the higher the watts the higher the price. But it also depends on the manufacturer who builds them.

I priced 300 Watt wind turbines made in Shenzhen at about 900 rmb per unit.

Given the materials I would use and using the 300 watt wind turbine price I estimate the cost for materials anywhere between $10,000rmb to $15,000rmb. Depending on where the turbines are purchased, the average cost is about $12,000rmb. That is approximately $1,700usd to $2,400usd.

Flying GEM G

This is an incredibly low expense in comparison to all present methods from their manufacturing cost for making their designated processes to station the creation of Electrical Power.

Given the cost of the Machine is -Not- expensive, the idea of having the machine on individual floors of a building can be connected to have greater electric output. Yet it depends on the electrical needs of the required demand. It is likely manufacturers can make smaller steam generators, that can be coupled to my Electricity Machine for one buildings Electrical Power requirements.

Again remember the F-GEM-G can power a heater which would provide the needed heat for the Steam Generator to be functional.

Since Smaller Steam Generators can be produced, which are lighter in weight; the combination with my Electricity Machine with the Smaller Steam Generator can also be used to power Cargo Ships, and Airplanes. If the US Navy can use Nuclear Power to power a Steam Generator on their War Ships and Submarines, the idea of using my Electricity Machine to power Ships and Airplanes is a real possibility. And we know my Electricity is much safer and more superior to using The Age of Decline Nuclear Power Method.

This means the ability to have electric power for Airliners and Ships, and the ability to create Power Recharging Stations for Electric Auto’s and Electric Bikes.

The Electricity Machine: The Flying GEM-G is meant to be built inside a building. Although it has 8 wind turbines, those wind turbines do not use the natural wind that blows outside. The Electricity Machine from it’s Gyro-rotation creates its own wind dimension which powers the rotation of their blades.

Manufactured Wind Turbines are made to be placed Outside in the Wind blowing current and are said to have a working life span of approximately 25 years. But since my wind turbines are inside a building, the working life span of them are dramatically increased. They are not exposed to the outside wind, sunlight, rain, and various temperature changes. They are kept out of the weather, which increases their life span. I believe their life span will more than double. Instead of 25 years, their life span will easily reach 50 years +.

The real maintenance that takes place is only the upkeep or yearly replacement of the battery that powers the F-GEM-G.

Given that battery technology has improved over the years, even replacing worn out batteries has an even greater and longer life span than ever before. Since the cost of the Electricity Machine is low in the first place; maintenance costs are not an issue of real concern.

The Modern Age is about developing the clean abundant, non-stop Electrical-Electricity-Electric Market which supports the MTR and Speed Train Rail Transport System.

Some people may feel they live too far away from the MTR to realistically use. But when the MTR and Electric Transport System begins in your Community, you can be assured the MTR System will have an Electric Bus, or Electric Taxis available to take you to the Station.

The Modern Age is not about the idea to exterminate the Olden Age. For indeed the Modern Age respects History and Historical Sites.

Many travelers want to visit Historical Sites of interest around the world. Furthermore it must remain clear that the Olden Age is not the same or meaning as The Age of Decline.

The Olden Age is given credit for its part in development of the World. Indeed during the Olden Age it was once thought of as their Modern Age of Development. Also the Olden Age never had the Financial Debt problems like The Age of Decline represents.

This should make it clear that our Modern Age of Development is not some sort of conspiracy to take over the world in the attempt to throw out or trash the Olden Age simply to make room for the Modern Age Expansion in the world.

The Modern Age respects and reveres the Olden Age and wish’s to use its Modern Age Development to preserve and protect the Historical meaning and content of the Olden Age. Foremost; it is to usher in a New Environmental Protection that with the advent of stopping the Pollution Streams of SMOG into the World, acid rain and other toxic gases will no longer be eating at the material or disfiguring Ancient Historical Sites and their Buildings.

Also Forests and the many Green Wildernesses and Domestic Agricultural Ambitions will flourish along with providing the needed therapy in reversing the Economic and Environmental Collapse initiated by the factors that created The Age of Decline.

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Dom Jermano

Please Note: I have other information that is not revealed due to my IPR aka Intellectual Property Rights, and Patent Rights. Contacting me, we can discuss the development.

Embracing The Modern Age: Part II

Embracing The Modern Age: Part II

Chapter A

So just what is the Modern Age, and how do we get there? First people need to educate themselves in the sense they have power over the University System. It is not the University or becoming an Alumni that establishes ones creditability in a particular Profession or Study.

It is not about going into debt from education for the rest of your life. It is not about becoming a Professor at a University so you can extract large sums of money from naive and uneducated students.

Professor is just another name for being in School longer than regular students. It’s like comparing a Freshman to a Senior, or a Teacher to a Principal. In reality Professors are still students, because no one on this earth can claim they know everything. In fact Universities and Professors have really let society down, by not having the ability to solve or recognize the trouble with their failed system.

How is it any University, or Professor of Authority get away with putting their students into a life of debt? Frankly it goes against the meaning of their Profession and Purpose. Teachers were meant to help students navigate the pits and falls of life, so they prosper.

Now a days in this Age of Decline, Schools and their Presidents and Professors only see themselves to be enriched by the ignorant. It is the same with Doctors and Hospitals who live off the sick, ill, and handicapped people. They try to justify their fees, by saying they had to pay much money and spend much time in reaching their goals.

But that excuse can not excuse their inability to see they have a responsibility to be morally honest in their own awareness of legitimate self worth when it comes to seeing you do not gain water from an empty well, or try to get blood from a stone.

The Modern Age Student is one who has the right to attend any University in the World he or she wants to go to. If they want a class in John Hopkins University for one month they can go, and get credit for it. Then that same student can go to a University in France for whatever time frame he or she see’s fit. In fact what occurs, is the student formulates their own special needs. It is not about accomplishing preset said University Standards, and submitting to a curriculum of Professors, putting students into a life of debt. A student can create their own degree called an Aggregation Degree of Professionalism.

They can go to as many Universities as they see fit, and keep going for as long as they wish, and set their own time table upon they believe they have reached their goals and point of graduation.

The premise is to get the University Systems in the World to allow and accept the rights of students to build their own Educational Degree Program. University heads will claim that students already have the ability to transfer credits, and although this is true, it still does not allow students to create their own degree programs. You have to enroll in already established programs, and pay other fees in concern to their Programs, with nonrefundable University Entrance Fees, instead of an ordinary class in attendance fee.…

When we have the freedom toward our own Educational Pursuits this puts us on a path for The Modern Age.

When will we finally open our eyes, and see that through the many years, where people before us, have graduated from Prominent Universities to serve in Government and the Private Sector, have let us all down? They have not solved the many problems we face, in concern to our Nation and other Nations in the World.

We are trapped to their Financial Schemes that never have worked, and are beholden to their Illusion’s in thinking we should follow them into the World of indebted bondage and The Age of Decline.

I got off that road long ago, and determined to Preach, and Expose, and levy the Truth toward understanding the Misery of The Age of Decline, and help us see to move into The Modern Age.…

Chapter B

The Modern Age is driven by an Energy Sector that focuses on more positive unlimited abilities to create Electrical Power. Oil will not simply vanish from the Energy Sector yet; but it will not be or remain a principle resource provider. It can not; due to it being the cause and contributor to The Age of Decline.

The Modern Age is about convenience of transportation. It is a transportation that is fast; reliable, clean, secure, nonpolluting, and readily accessible. The Modern Age is about the Electric MTR Trains, and Rails that serve Communities as well as linking communities together as a low fare expense to travellers, users, tourists, and local citizens.

The view of the Modern Age is using my Invention called The Flying GEM-G, that will provide the unlimited Energy Resource, Non-Stop, Non-Polluting, Electricity to power a Worldwide Speed Train Transport System.

By looking at the Globe of the World you can see that all the Continents can be linked together by Rail to support Speed Train Transportation from one country to another. All except Australia, and various Island Nations, because of their Southern Out of Distance Locations. The key bridge is linking Alaska to Russia over the Bering Strait to connect all the major Continents.

But Speed Trains are not really necessary, when you also have this to improve transportation to keep price fare tickets low:…

It will be possible to travel from New York City to France on a Speed Train. It will be possible to travel from Japan to Germany, from China to Brazil, from Russia to Ireland, from Canada to Africa, and the list goes on.

All along the route lines will be businesses of interest in which people would use, and live by those created jobs. By opening up the Modern Age in advancing Speed Trains Transportation not only for people but for the Freight of Goods, will bring the Jobs, and material support all countries look forward too.

It would diminish the Military Complex, in which Nations would no longer feel threatened by each other; because of the Fear created by The Oil Consortium in wanting or needing to protect their Energy Sector Economic Interests from Oil Wells. The major World Wars were fought not so much because of Germany that created Hitler or Japans Dictator Hirohito, it was because of their own Economic Age of Decline. That being the fight in securing Oil Resources for their Economic Security.

The entire Worlds Political Framework of Economic Stability has been based solely on the control of Oil. Oil enables invasions, acquiring new territories, and then putting into place a Military State who dictates how Oil is sold and used according to the Oil Consortium’s Economic Expansionist demands.

If we had an Alternative Energy Resource, that all Nations in the World could attain, by not taking it away from another, what real reason would there be to go to War? You see, the reason has been Oil; that creates War.

The quest for Oil from The United States has created a survival theater in which many Politicians know Oil is a limited resource. This is why they have done some bad things, and justifying them on the basis that they are protecting human rights; when they invade another country that has lots of Oil Resources.

We know this is also an excuse, because of the Lack of Human Rights in the United States. One needs only see how racial discrimination has caused a widening gap between the Rich and poor, and how the United States has the largest and ever expanding Prison Population System in the entire World.

The irony is Black Americans can not get or afford Higher Education at Universities, but spend their time getting a free education while incarcerated at one of the many Prisons in the US, for 20 years or more. Whether their conviction was legitimate or not, the fact is, if we had Modern Age Education, instead of The Age of Decline Education, it is likely crimes would not be attempted or happen. If people had transportation access, so they are not profiled; it would have made them acquire the means to have the freedom to leave The United States, and not become a victim to crime and become a member to their Prison Organizations.

By setting up the Modern Age in which Speed Trains, and the MTR are abundant not only in America but around the World, a new attitude of prosperity and hope will arrive, in knowing we have that New Alternative Energy Resource. And that is The Flying GEM-G The New Unlimited Electrical Power Resource.

By having abundant MTR Systems throughout the World, people will be able to avoid traffic jams, and the risks of Auto Travel. This means connecting every city with an MTR System. The creation of Air Pollution from Auto’s will end. There will be no need for Auto Insurance or the many unnecessary things associated with supporting an Auto and Oil Consortium while contributing to the continuation of The Age of Decline.

The Economy will start to live instead of trying to exist, due to so many things which are tied to The Age of Declines Economic State in Maintaining the use of The Internal Combustion Engine. No more cars means Economic Freedom.

I relish the thought of leaving my home in the morning to walk a few blocks to get on a Speed Train that can take me to my Office or Work Place, knowing anytime I am linked and can go anywhere in the World.

No Traffic Jams, but a sure route of destination. Also no fear that someone will hijack the train and fly it into a skyscraper, or building killing thousands of people. And literally a much less threat that someone will blow up a train; because The Modern Age is designed to help the most people whom are in need. We need more Speed Trains run by clean power in the World, not less.

Chapter C

Nations that think owning a Nuclear Weapon brings them power are clearly mistaken. The Nuclear Age clearly belongs to The Age of Decline. Whether a Nation’s pursuit of Nuclear Power is for Electrical needs or Military Posturing, it is literally playing with death. It is like walking across a Tight Rope stretched across and linking two skyscrapers. The idea you can balance yourself safely and walk across to the other side is very risky and foolish to even consider or to even use your life in such a stunt. Nuclear Power is not safe, simply because of the radioactivity and toxicity to life it represents.

No matter how safe and secure you think it is; powers beyond the mortal man can not stop the reality of earthquakes, or of the occurrence of a sinkhole from happening. Cracking open those Nuclear Reactors to the Environment can literally wipe out an entire Nation and affect it’s livelihood for thousands of years. Why risk using Nuclear Power, when I have invented a safe Non-stop, Non-polluting, method in making and producing Electricity?

What good is having Nuclear Weapons when we know the real purpose and pursuit of The Modern Age? The Modern Age is not about protecting The Age of Decline of Oil and it’s depleted Oil Business Interests.

Everyone in the World wants and seeks The Modern Age. The problem is no one knows where it is, or how to get it. Politicians also have no idea, in which they do Age of Decline Acts on a continuous basis. They support the Military State, and muddle along in the SMOG graveyard. SMOG= So Many Oil Graves. They create Nuclear Weapons to protect those graveyards, in this Age of Decline.

Since I have discovered this new Unlimited Technology, The Flying GEM-G, doesn’t it make sense to Educate people and help them out of the Age of Decline? Doesn’t it make sense, that by offering Nations the ability to use this to create The Modern Age in exchange for them to not use Nuclear Power or Weapons, that they gain more than Economic Prosperity. They gain a realization of fact that Providing Solutions is more powerful than levying sanctions or going to War.

What need for terrorists to act against; when the Modern Age brings and develops their personal interests and living abilities? Frankly people want to live and have families and to make their own legacy in life. The Modern Age in my view with the Freedom of Education pursuits and a Worldwide Non-stop, Non-polluting, Speed Train Network of support would only benefit peoples and developing Foreign Countries. It would give people the opportunity to have their own business, and pursue their dreams.

Consider that Speed Trains or even very fast trains can have 2 decks. This is like the double deck buses found in the UK and Hong Kong. There would be more space for travelers, to sit and enjoy the traveling experience. In all considerations these Trains of Transportation can literally become moving Cities within themselves traveling to other Cities around the world.

Individual Train Cars can represent a Store or Business on Rails. For example: There would be a McDonald’s Restaurant Train Car for passengers to walk to and use while the Train is in motion. There would be various cars that represent their own Hotel where passengers stay and sleep during their trip.

There would be exercise gyms, a Basketball Court NBA Train Car; steam rooms, with weight machines, and massage rooms, located on a Train Car for example named Golds Gym.

Golds Gym

Banking Services for small amounts of money could support the traveling public such as an ICBC Bank Train Car, or some other Public or Private Service Bank.

There could be a University car where classes could be taken while en-route to their job, where a student is traveling to; as they work in developing their own University Curriculum and Aggregation Degree of Professionalism.

That Train Car would be supported by a Library Car in which people could go to read the news, watch a documentary, and or just recharge the battery to their Mobile Phone or Notebook I-pad.

The possibility to buy your own Train Car to live in would also happen. This type of Living would be supported by the Living Stock Option Company. Consider humans are always on the move, so why limit oneself to buying to one location? Why think you can only make Big money by buying and selling Real Estate? Buying and Selling Real Estate in reality should be a service related job, that sells fewer new homes, than resale of used homes. Someday the available land will be used up, and no new development available on the horizon.

Chapter D

The Modern Age fore-see’s this and has in place a better means to living while recognizing peoples transportation and traveling requirements. It is a way to make money, and live in beautiful homes in different places, or on different Speed Trains, traveling around the world. You can live in a different home or train car every 3 months according to International Visa and Passport Standards. Or buy the Living Stock Option that has time levied choices, of 3 months, 6 months, 9 months or every year.…

This is called buying Living Stock Options, where instead of buying Real Estate and a Home you buy Living Rights in the form of Stocks with a Company that promotes Living in the Spaces or Train Cars, they have created in different places around the world. These places are very Modern with all the at Home Conveniences you can think of.

Whatever you do; don’t buy Real Estate:…

You are not tied to a Bank Mortgage, or tied to some local Government tax scheme. It is similar to living in a Hotel but better, because the places you live are the size of homes, where you obtain the right to live in, because you bought a Living Stock Option.

Those Company names could have names such as Modern Destinations, Cosmopolitan Estates, Timely Living, Cheung Kong Holdings, operated by Chairman Li Ka-Shing, Millennium Hills,Architecture Gardens, or MTR Travel Home Inc.

In supporting Living Stock Option Companies whether through Government or the Private Sector, it provides an unlimited Registry of Earnings for people on a daily living basis. Once Society recognizes this, they will assign their Real Estate to be used in Living Stock Option Companies.

It frees them from paying taxes on the Property, and gives them more than any Equity Option can ever provide. Each time a person moves from one place to another; upon the prescribed time base, they will gain a determined increase to their earnings. If you have a job at one of the locations, you gain income from that job, and also from your Living Stock Option Earnings. The more Shares you buy of course the higher your monthly earnings become.

Many jobs in building new Homes for Living Stock Option Companies will gain their job income, while they use a portion of that income to buy more Shares from the Living Stock Options Company, and increasing their monthly earnings. This is why it is important to realize that MTR Speed Trains Transportation who also own and buy shares, move people in those jobs, that are potentially unlimited in the sense of job creation, because of the Unlimited New Energy Resource Machine; The Flying GEM-G.

What I am literally saying is that; we as a World we can anticipate Full Employment, moving Billions of people out of Poverty, and Establish a Worldwide Unlimited Energy Requisite Resource. that eventually will end the Financial Debt of Nations, and move them into the Modern Age of Opulence and Infinite Wealth Creation.

There would be no loan packages, which means no repossessions, or fears about Banks intentions, and solvency abilities. Your living stock option, affords you to be able to travel anywhere in the world and live at any of the Company sites or Train Cars they have established. As you live there, your stock gains value, and that value can pay you monthly living expenses.

For instance the idea will no longer be about the place where the invested value is considered in Real Estate; like when you buy a home. But the value is seen to where you and who you are, and the value placed upon your Character, and Honest dealings, with the Living Travel Company you bought shares in. You reflect the Living Stock Option Company, in attracting ever new personages to join the Company, by their buying of Living Stock Options, and increasing the Stock performance for Living. Individuals and Families can invest in this Company Living plan.

You now support the traveling industry and given the freedom and luxury to be and live where you want.

Chapter E

These train cars could also have pre-video landscape views in which would be the very same view when looking out the window. This way at night time people can watch the pre-filmed landscape at night. The pre-video would show what it looks like outside your window during the day while you are traveling at night. Passengers would always enjoy the real daylight view outside their window anytime at night.

That is but one great view and opportunity we are missing as a Society as we remain trapped by The Oil Consortium in this Age of Decline.

During the Modern Age our trains will also have Train Car Hospitals, and special cars for the Elderly and Handicapped. There can also be a Gambling Car, and Night Club Train Cars. We can only look forward to the day when all people from all walks of life whether old or young, whether handicapped or not can travel and see the many Nations and Wonders of the World.

In supporting the move from The Age of Decline to The Modern Age we create jobs, careers, and opportunities. Maybe the Modern Age should be called The Age of Awakening?

Whatever we want to call it, it certainly moves forward and away from The Age of Decline.

In understanding where we were, to where we are at now, we can see that understanding where we can go to The Modern Age, we now have an opportunity of where and what we can use our money for, and for what real purpose. We then define our ambitions and goals, careers, and Educational Standards.

Chapter F

Let me state that comparing Speed Trains to Airline Travel during the Modern Age; is like comparing Everyday Life to going on Vacation. Certainly we are not on Vacation everyday. We do not fly in an airplane or airliner everyday. But we do use transportation everyday on the ground. And this is where the Modern Age Speed Train and MTR is there for our daily convenience.

In view of knowing the fact my Electricity Machine can produce non-stop Electric Power without polluting our air, makes it much more less expensive to travel and much safer than flying.

Statistics show that there are more Airline crashes than Train wrecks; due to the more simplistic nature in traveling by train. Up until now, we have not been able to consider what is the Modern Age. We have not really thought about what it entails. People have only talked about having vibrant Economies, but are unable to be clear about what a vibrant Economy looks like. Their non-clarity of specifics toward reality throughout time, and I mean this has certainly been going on for a very long time, has certainly defined where we are now. And we are most certainly in The Age of Decline.

Also the fact remains, that Air Travel has more negative affects on the human body than Train Travel. In traveling by train your body is not going through a continual re-pressure process, which affects your ears and balance, and blood pressure. By having so many up and down fluctuations from Air Travel the human body is always in a state of Jet Lag and readjustment. Also, flying is much different than flying going out into Space, because once out in Space you settle into that condition for a period of time, before coming back to Earth. But frequent Air Flights with its constant up and down; take offs and landing changes is bad for your body and your health.

Chapter G

The means to produce Energy is the key to any Economic Development. No one has been able to find a 100% non-stop, non-polluting method in creating Electrical Energy ever. There are good ways and bad ways, and although we use Electricity today and we think it is good; really the way we get it today is substandard and marginal. The greatest substandard method is Nuclear Power. The radioactive waste lasts for thousands of years, and to think it is safe to use is complete nonsense. With the threat of earthquakes, sinkholes that swallow entire building sites; not to mention Tsunamis, like what happened in Japan, makes Nuclear Power not a real viable legitimate choice.

My Electricity Machine which I have invented is the safest and most reliable means toward Energy Creation. No one has done this before. I call my Electricity Machine: The Flying GEM-G. ” Gyro Electric Machine – Generator ” It is posted on the Internet and can be found if you search my name Dominic Jermano The Flying GEM-G or Dom Jermano

There you will see my small Toy Model that proves according to the Laws of Physics the Motion Theory Works. In using common sense from the comparison layout; my Electricity Machine uses a similar principle to how an Electric Bike works. Power from a battery makes the rear wheel spin.

Embracing The Modern Age Part III:

My Contact:

University of Navarra

Embracing The Modern Age: Part I

Embracing The Modern Age : Part I

Part I

Embracing the Modern Age in the World still mired in its footprints of the past is more than a challenging endeavor. It is changing whether we want it or not. For some it is leaving the old ways of doing things, for the new. And for others leaving the new ways and going back to the old.

{Note: If you have not read The Book of Mormon, and your excuse is you don’t have time, then you might as well not read this, because you won’t have time.} I am 3rd Nephi 21: 8-10


Whatever way, which way do we go, will surely be beneficial for those who think in common sense in the real world. The real World is suffering many pains. Pains so great that it is quite possible so called developed countries will become the same as undeveloped countries, stricken with unemployment and poverty. Or be like the Developing Countries such as China, and build millions of brand new homes and new cities where nobody is living, and claim they have shortage of housing.

These people are either really ignorant who run the Government or ruthless Crooks who prevent people from buying in order to keep housing prices high.

See here:…

One of the greatest problems we face is unending debt, and a system that was setup after WWI that created The Federal Reserve. The Fed, was started after WWI, with the design to control the money supply. That design was made to create indebtedness, and Fractional Reserve Banking. The problem is the Fed. is against the Principals of Freedom, which would assure indebtedness is not Controlled which means they can make more debt; but it is paid back, or forgiven. The Fed was designed to control the Free Markets, and Free Markets can not be controlled when they have unpayable debt. Since you can not control Free Markets, that is why Nations are collapsing financially in the World because of no new credit lines, while eking out a living through measures of Austerity.

The debt is so massive in the United States and Europe that it is literally impossible to pay it down when there is a boom on in unemployment. Banks have crashed because of Wall Street Trading Scams, False Accounting, Lying about Derivatives, and Fabricated LIBOR rating practices.

The irony is, how can highly indebted Nations bail out: Too Big To Fail Banks, when they can’t bail themselves out.

What needs to happen is to end The Federal Reserve Powers and Establish a World Credit Organization, called The WCO. We have the WTO, The World Trade Organization, but we have no Established Credit Organization that deals with the Financial Security of The WTO.

This Institutional Organization would Monitor and Regulate Credit of all Nations in the World, and with members of the WTO, World Trade Organization.

It’s purpose or authority would not determine individual Nations Domestic Credit Abilities, but it would become the Authority of Nations who work together in Cooperation to buy each others debt, so they become debt free for a predetermined 10 year time frame. Buying another Nations Debt, does not mean that Nation has decided to pay off the other countries debts, because the other country is also buying their debt as well, as a means to helping each other eventually exit the debt traps they are in.

The WCO is for The World Credit Organization. It supports and Guarantees The SCO. The State Credit Organization. The State Credit Organization is the New Organization that will replace The Age of Decline Federal Reserve. The WCO will be the SCO safety net. The SCO is for individual States in the United States to work in cooperation with each other to buy each others debt, during a 10 year time frame.

Presently Nations try to solve their debt crisis by means of austerity, or raising their debt ceilings. They may even credit themselves with more debt, in attempts to stimulate the market. But borrowing more money to stimulate the market is a waste of time, because the reason markets can’t grow is because of no ability to pay down the debt. To Stimulate is like stepping on the gas peddle, making you go faster to fly off the cliff.

The WCO would be used for Nations to buy each others debt. A Nation can not buy debt from itself, to make it debt free. But Nations can buy each others debt to make themselves debt free. This is much different than Nations buying another Nations bonds; because that only finances the others debt as IOU’s.

By buying another Nations debt it makes the other Nation debt free; freeing them and making them open for new Lines of Credit Availability.

The WCO is put into action after the SCO has finished it’s Credit Pairing of States and finished it’s Credit buying. The reason that the SCO has an incentive to do their business, is because the WCO is the backup guarantee that they can not go default and fail.

The SCO: State Credit Organization allows 2 States of their choosing to buy each others debt from each other through a 10 year repayment due process.

In other words say New York and California agree to Buy each others debt. They pair up and New York Buys California Debt; and California buys New York’s debt. This now makes New York Debt free, and California Debt free.

The debt bought is not due and payable until after 10 years. It would be like buying a house and not making any payment, except the whole payment on a certain day 10 years from the time the loan was taken out. And it would be only .25 interest. That small interest would be used by the SCO to pay expenses of Operation, instead of relying on the Publics Tax System of Allocation .

During the 10 year period the State Governments would agree to Austerity measures that would halt spending to allow their debt to decline. The Private Sector would have new Credit Standing, creating jobs for the New Infrastructure in bringing forth The Modern Age.

At the end of the 10 year time frame, the States attend to their Accounting Budgets to determine the amount of reduced debt, tabulated from the imposed State Government Austerity Policy.

If determined low enough the State may go on it’s own Credit Standing. If determined it needs another 10 year cycle; that State may pair up with another State and repeat the time table process. In other words, California could buy Texas debt and Texas would buy California debt. New York would buy Maryland debt, and Maryland buys New York debt.

This process would establish secure credit lines for each individual State, while assuring high levels of employment.

Once the SCO has begun writing credit for States to buy each others debt, the WCO initiates its broader Credit Guarantee by allowing Nations the same formula protection. The USA would now buy Europe debt. and Europe would buy US debt.

This will open the door for International Transactions that would allow the International Infrastructure to take shape and form. This would include the development of a Worldwide International MTR Speed Train, and Electric Freight Train Transport System; which would support World Tourism , and provide Worldwide Environmental Protection.

Many jobs would be established, which would provide the necessary income revenue that would pay down or pay off National debts and deficits.

But before Europe can do this, their Individual Members would need a similar Organization like the SCO. Europe would administer the EMCO, or European Member Credit Organization. They would follow the same described process as the SCO. For example: France would buy England debt, and England would buy French debt. They too would follow a 10 year loan period process.

Again those countries France and England would install Government Austerity to lower their debts, and have a clean slate toward Private Sector Job and Infrastructure Development, Credit Lines.

Of course when the jobs are realized the Private Sector watches it’s repayment cycle in concern to their new Credit Availability. They can not over extend credit, so they do not cause the same problem as the one they are trying to fix now.

So France for example buys England debt; like Italy would buys Greece’s, and Greece buys Italy’s. Germany would buy Spain’s debt, and Spain buys Germany’s. All EU Members can decide whom to pair up with.

Once this begins the WCO can authorize US and EU Credit Loans following the same 10 year period process.

In effect we have a Credit available Economy, with Government Austerity Measures in place, and a 10 year Cycle Credit Bridge Guarantee to the Future.

And now that we have a solid Financial Credit Plan, in making financing available, we now have to decide what that financing will be used for. Many people in leadership roles, have no idea of how or what to do about making the future, or what it entails. In the following chapters , I will explain this.

What is the Future? And for that matter what do we spend the money on?

The future is our intellectual ambition to strive for the Modern Age. The Modern Age is seeking A Golden Egg. This is when we are all wanting to achieve for the betterment and most convenient prosperous means in attaining wealth, for living a long and healthy life.

We want it to be interesting, easy, accessible, and equal for all. In other words we don’t want poverty. When Rich people ignore those whom want to make a difference because the Rich essentially prohibit, and prevent them; it causes division and hate. The question is how can the Rich claim to be rich when the society they live is filled with poverty?

In our present circumstance in which in this year of our Lord 2013, we do not live in a Modern Age. It is apparent we are now in The Age of Decline. The Age of Decline is upon us, because the conditions of awareness were not really understood. The fact is mankind has never really known the Age of Decline. Some may compare it to the Great Depression as to what happened in the 1930’s; but that is not a true comparison.

In the 1930’s we did not have the same level of wealth as we have today to see it tumble into the Great Depression of 1930’s. There was not the same Banking System, or huge debt encumbering the Nations as they do today. We did not have the Military Dominance as we do today; in which the Atomic Bomb was not even invented then or yet.

Also Nations were just starting to learn the Economics of the Oil Business Consortium. The Auto Industry and Oil Consortium took control of the Energy Sector to manipulate and drive the Economy. And as the Economy grew the people in control of the Oil Consortium gained more wealth. Instead of using that wealth to promote greater freedoms, they inverted it toward achieving a Military State, where they used the Federal Reserve to create huge debt to fund their Military Ambitions, and making the Average and Poorer Americans to pay for it.

In their deceit the Rich claimed the Military protects the Average and Poorer American Interests. The question is? What interests do Average and Poorer Americans have? They do not control wealth or allowed access to it. It is all a ploy by the Rich to assure their control over the people. The people are those who know that we are striving for the Modern Age. We can not do it, when the Rich actually stand in the way of it’s development.

The Age of Decline is apparent because the debt and the expansion of the Military to assure the wealth of the Oil Consortium is no longer a solution but a major problem, and mistake. Not only is the World suffering from Debt, but the excessive use of Oil is choking out life from Smog filled polluted skies in all the major Cities around the World. Not only are people dying of Cancer more these days because of it, but the actual resource of Oil is reaching its dismal end. The use of Oil and Coal has also contributed greatly to the pollution of all the Major Rivers in the Developed World, affecting our clean water supply.

The world is like a big bottle of Oil. We can drill and drill and take out as we want, but the reality is, someday that bottle will be empty. Just like the letter E of your fuel gauge on the dashboard of your car. With this in mind, do you really think it makes sense for the Rich to have created so much Military debt to protect their Oil Consortium Wealth of Interests; when they ruin our air and water resources, while Oil resources are on the decline?

Just what is the thinking to protect empty Oil wells, and Polluted Cities? I will tell you. It’s the Rich’s blind greed that has pushed us all into The Age of Decline.

But if you don’t believe me, then why are they doing this?…

What is more chilling and scarey is when they use the Military, and kill thousands of innocent people to take remaining Oil resources from undeveloped Nations. This is what we call Criminal, Murder, Mayhem, and Plunder.

And the Rich justify their murder campaigns on the Political Basis, in which they claim they are bringing Freedom and Democracy to those Oil Rich Resource Undeveloped Nations. They would never go into a country that they assert has no Freedom or Democracy or Oil Resources.

So you can be assured, it is not Freedom or Democracy as the issue, but assuredly the false notion they have the right to take any Oil Resources from any Sovereign Foreign Country and claim it as their own.

Thinking that the Modern Age will be based on an Oil Economy is like thinking the Age of Decline is the Pot of Gold at The End of the Rainbow.

The Modern Age is stepping out of the Oil Wells going dry, and focusing on an Energy Sector that can provide unlimited energy; and energy that does not pollute. Nuclear Energy is Not part of or wanted in the Modern Age Tool Box.

This is where my invention the Flying GEM-G has been revealed to me, by the invisible hand of God.

This means there is a way to produce electricity as our new Energy Sector Power Source without polluting, or going down the path of Toxic Radioactive Nuclear Power Generation; waiting for a Sinkhole disaster to happen.

Just what is the Modern Age? Let me say this. Do you think the Oil Consortium has delivered society the Modern Age?

Has it brought us clean Air?
Has it provided the Opportunity for all?

Has it really helped the Real Estate Market in Cities knowing when you live on the upper floors, you can breathe all that wonderful Smog into your lungs?

Pollution skys Beijing

Do you enjoy the daily traffic jams, in which cars line up and down a road just sitting there idling away the gas fumes into the air, and are breathing sighs of relief when you move forward a meter or two? Do you enjoy driving into the City after sitting hours in a traffic jam to then find no place to park your car; so you end up driving around a block for another hour hoping to find an empty slot for your car to park in, and when you do; someone else cuts in front of you and steals the spot?

traffic jams Beijing

Is this the Modern Age the Oil Consortium is bringing us; such happy memories? And how about all that money you spend on Auto Insurance, and License Fees, and Taxes, not to mention all those road tolls you have to pay all the time?

Road Toll Traffic Jam

And then consider all the automobile accidents that happen all the time on a daily basis, while being injured, and or killed while being rushed to the Hospital, to be cared for, or pronounced dead. Do you think this is the convenient Modern Age the Rich Oil Consortium has provided for us?

And then when you become well thankfully missing your attendance at the County Morgue, you have to go to Court to take part in the Lawsuit filed against the guy who slammed into you. Or you one day had to go to Court to fight from needing to pay for a speeding ticket knowing you did not go over the Speed Limit, but a victim to a Police quota scheme initiated for bringing revenue into the City’s Police Department.

Or how about putting up with the road rage of crazy drivers cutting in front of you, or stealing that parking space. Or putting up with people giving you the finger or waving a loaded hand gun at you on a busy intersection.

Is this the meaning of the Modern Age from the Rich controlled Oil Consortium?

But hey, the Modern Age of the Oil Consortium gets even better when they claim, because one evening you park your car and the next morning set to go to work, to find all your wheels were stolen off your car. Not only that but your driver window was smashed in, so thieves could steal your Auto Alarm System, and GPS Computer.

Then the Oil Consortium will claim life is not a bed of roses. I guess not when people get behind the wheel drunk and intoxicated to collide head on into a School Bus, killing all on board because the bus went over a steep embankment and caught fire from the collision.

And while we roll along daily with the Oil Consortium Modern Age View, we can remain victims to their constant gas price increases, stayed upon the many Political excuses of OPEC and the staged Wall Street trading lies, explaining how free Markets establish prices being hiked, upward.

With all due respect; the Oil Consortium has not brought us the Modern Age, but has delivered us all to the Age of Decline.

How many more cars can we squeeze on the once known as a Highway; but has essentially become nothing more than a very long Parking Lot?

Do you think there might be a real reason why Chrysler Corporation a Big Car Manufacturer went down the drain? Do you think there might be a real reason why GM General Motors followed the same down the drain hole?

And if you really believe Barack Obama saved the Auto Industry you must really believe the Oil Consortium is the ultimate level of prosperity and happiness in their view of The Modern Age.

That is like thinking a mosquito is the happiest in it’s time of life, when swatted and vaporized by an Electric Bug Swatter.

The Modern Age to the Oil Consortium means the Rich people who control the US Government and it’s Military Industry think they have the right to decide the fate and behavior of other Foreign Governments.

Let’s be clear; since I believe that 911 was an American Secret Government Inside Job in collaboration with the Israeli Government, I know that they have a deep misunderstanding of the Quest and meaning for The Modern Age.…

At first they claimed it was a War on Terror; then it was a War on Saddam and Iraq; then it was a War on Alqaida; then it was a War on Osama BinLadin, then it became a War on Muslims, then it became a War on Islamic Fundamentalist. We are now waiting and still anticipating who the next group will be to declare war on.

Maybe it will be The Catholic Church, because of the accusations of Child Abuse by Priests. But if this was true, why hasn’t this been a problem with the women of The Catholic Church, namely the many Sisters, and Nuns of the Catholic Church?

Maybe this is the real reason Pope Benedict Resigned instead of Retired. If he retired Lawyers could still sue him in Court, but if he Resigned, he would get off like Richard M. Nixon did.

In any event, it is clear the Oil Consortium will do anything and say anything to try and convince the naive people to stay in line to their Age of Decline.

So what is a key ingredient to The Modern Age?…

Wisdom dictates that the Evils we have today certainly have been with us throughout the Ages of Mankind. Sin has been the stain and also a real link to the understanding of The Age of Decline.

The difference of back then and today is the fact we have Jesus Christ our Lord who takes away the Sins of the World, and guides us toward the fulfillment of The Real Modern Age. If we listen deeply and to him, the things we fear will no longer trouble us.

The Modern Age is the MTR. It is the ability for clean, safe, reliable, transportation.

The Modern Age Part II :

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Why Euro is Failing.


I do not think the Euro will survive. There are things that are not told to the Financial News Networks. You have to think on your own about the real happenings, and what is going on.

Personally I think the US Banks setup the Eurozone, because really they don’t want Europe to become a success, because if they do, then it sends the wrong signal to Asia.

The US sold them fraud derivatives, and the heat is on, in bailing out banks not only in the US but in the EU as you know.  The Greece Story has died down, but I am sure it will not be long in flaring up again.

In Asia by having their own type of Euro Zone, known as an Asian Zone, the Asian Markets could join into a single currency. China has been maneuvering in that direction by setting up their ASEAN Members Club, keeping out Western Investments.

If the EU comes crumbling down, then Asia will not be thinking about setting up an Asian Zone. It means going back to single nation currency, and their own currency values.

Also in the EU there are too many countries that control nuclear weapons. Namely France and England. Currency is also based on security realities. But the reality to the EU is who really controls the nuclear arsenals? And there is no EU President. The idea of a committee is worthless, and the final days are coming to the EU.

But having an Asian Zone, would be easier, because China is the only one that has nuclear power.  Perhaps this is why China is now not backing DPRK.  But that could be because of other reasons.  Regardless the US does not want to see an Asian Zone, mimicked like the EU. So I think the US says it is for the EU, but behind the scenes they really are sabotaging it, by financial manipulation.

Another interesting story is here:

The Rich all over the world are hiding their money. This includes EU Members. It is a clear indication the EU is going to collapse.

Then what? People do not have the confidence in Real Estate buying anymore. The Economy is too Volatile. People can not hold onto jobs, and certainly the Republicans are not creating jobs.  Why are they doing that? All they care about is spending cuts to entitlements. But if there were more jobs, people would opt to work I would think, and entitlements would naturally be less used. You can make more money by working.

So I think the Republicans are not facing that reality. They need to create jobs, and stop hiding behind cutting entitlements.

And since I have been having trouble trying to sell my home, to get the cash, I have realized that selling Real Estate is a major pain in the ass.

Why should I be subject to the hassle? People buy real estate according to location. And after that it is a locked deal.  Then people try to buy up foreclosed  homes and sell them as investment properties, collecting rents backed up by Government Welfare payments.

Forget that sour milk.

I think by setting up a Company that sells Real Estate Shares is much better than selling Real Estate. A person can make more money. Why own one house stuck in one location, when I can own shares of Real Estate that are accepted anywhere. Your shares are your Equity. So why lock into one house, when you are free to own shares to many houses. And since shares do not identify what houses, your value remains strong. You make money. Even the person who buys the shares each month collects a dividend check. They pay you to live in the house, not the other way around in mortgage payments and rental payments.

If I can convince you to help me form this new company, I think we will become very successful. I explain here. But of course I am open to your expert advice, in which you see how to add to it’s success.

This is my view of the future:

At the end of each Article is the next corresponding link to Parts II and III.

Thanks, Hopewell,

Want To Have Them Pay You Each Month To Live In A House? The New Way To Living, Without Buying or Renting A House. Buy Living Stock Options.

Can t Sell Your House

Do not Buy Real Estate, because you will lose money. The only people who think they make the money are the Banks who use you in taking out their loans. They know the Economy will always be bad, and they also know in time, they will repossess the house from you.

You think you have a job, but that job is subjected to the whims of the Local or Federal Government who really control the Banks. When they are unable to use you any longer in grabbing Loan money for the Homes they already control, they will have the Employer Fire you, or get rid of you. Then take your Invested money, repossess the home, and find another sucker to re buy the home you were kicked out of.

This is how Banks work. Banks will also take the failed loan from you, and repackage it with other Bank Loans that also have other failed loans, with some good loans and sell them to another Bank, so they make money. The Bank who buys this from another Bank does not care, because they will do the same thing in selling to another Bank. A lot of US Banks like to sell these failed loans to Banks in Foreign Countries.

And so what happens is the continued cycle in fleecing unknowing hard working people, in a Bank Cycling Scheme that really controls the levers of any Local Economy.

The people who think they make the money are the people who work for the Banks, and support the Fleecing Arrangements, because those Banks offer money contributions to Politicians who will assure they do not bring them to Court for wrong doing. Bank CEO’S and Wall Street Bankers get away from any legal prosecution for their criminal behavior.

And Banks can not go on in continual buying, because it puts them in trouble by buying defunct failed loans, essentially always putting themselves at a loss.

Presently Banks are trying to sell their repossessed homes taking a loss, while jacking up rents, thinking they will gain, but in fact no one wants to buy Real Estate, they also do not want to pay high Rent.

But there is a way to solve the problem. First is to recognize that Bankers certainly have no clue about doing the right thing, because no one has thought of it before, or Bankers and Politicians just want to go with the flow of $hit that keeps them in their jobs.

The way is by setting up and buying Living Stock Options, where you buy Stock into a Company that provides housing. When you buy that stock you can live in one of their houses for a predetermined time frame. You essentially make money by living there, because your Stock is earning dividends.

You can have a job and earn money while at the same time, also earning dividends on your stock. The Banks are no longer in control of your life. You can invest your money into any other Business Stock as you wish, or invest to buy more Living Stock Options.

Your job can be with The Living Stock Options Company by working in the Office Headquarters in handling Stock Buying, and Selling your Stock. Or you can also work in the Building Construction Department owned by the Living Stock Option Company, or work and do what you like.

The point is you are no longer trapped in the failed Banking Establishment that only looks for ignorant people to use, in keeping in place their failed system.

Would you pay 1 million $dollars for this:
Shack for 1 million dollars

Because of the Failed Bank Mortgage System, the price for crap like this is destroying the Value of the Dollar, and the real value of Real Estate. Yet people follow the lie that buying Real Estate can make you money.

Real Estate like all material things has to go through Devaluation of Depreciation. All things wear out. When you buy something new for say $100 dollars, of course that same item in 5 years is not going to be worth $200 dollars. It will be much less, or essentially Junk.

So how can people think Real Estate does not follow that same logic? So the Politicians, and Bankers, and Wall Street Crooks, lie to you, steal your money, and creditability for their own Greedy, Selfish and Blind Motives.

If you want to live in a nice house, where you do not have to worry about Rent going up, where you do not have to worry about the False Value of a Homes worth, where you can make money by living there each month, and know you do not have to worry about selling it, then you should consider buying a Living Stock Option from a Living Stock Options Company.

This is a new plan for The Modern Age in the World, and people are working to setup this new Company Plan.

I am only the messenger at the moment in solving and stopping the Crooks who are wrecking and controlling their Plans to keep us all slaves within their Age of Decline. Don’t believe me?

See here in Hong Kong:…

And if you think it makes sense for Hong Kong being crowded in these Bird Cage Apartments, look at this on Mainland China. There are millions of Empty Homes and Apartments that are brand new, but no one is living there, called China’s Ghost Cities:

Modern Interior


I have thought about this for sometime now. I really believe having Stock in a Company that manages Real Estate Property for Living is the way to go. No one can claim they own individual property but instead every share holder holds shares of interest to those Properties.

Why should you have to come up with such a huge down payment, then finance a loan, and then make monthly payments, pay taxes, and literally become a slave to the Property and to the Bank? Then because of factors not in your control in which you lose your job, or some family emergency occurs, you are faced in having to sell the house. And you are not guaranteed to get the amount of money to pay off that loan, if you find a willing buyer to buy it.

And with a slump in the economy and ever increasing fuel bills, people become trapped. There are even people who think they are well off, until reality opens the door to them, and then they find the great trouble before them, in getting rid of the property.

So my conclusion is the World needs to get off the Age of Decline concept in buying Real Estate. No one says you have to buy Real Estate. Instead; buy what I call Living Stock Options. They are bought from a Company that provides shares to people in which gives them the right to live in the home or modern made dwellings to live.

The Buying of Shares gives you the opportunity to acquire Dividends each month. So when you are living at the Modern Home provided by the Living Stock Option Company, you make money by living there, instead of giving out money to live there, as Home Mortgage People do in making their monthly payments, or as Renters do each month.

I would rather make money from a Stock or Share to where I live, than pay out money and interest payments to Banks, or Landlords.

receive a dividends check

The Landlord Renter Lease Scheme actually creates poverty, because there is only one person who benefits, and that is the guy who collects the rent money, and he probably hands it to the Bank to pay the mortgage.

So why do we in the Financial World create poverty, instead of Wealth for all the people?

It is pretty clear. The reason the Banks Failed, the reason Wall Street Brokers Lie, when selling those failed loans is because they know deep down, the system is rigged, and does not really work.

So why keep doing the same dumb things that wreck the Financial Goals in creating wealth? And that answer is because they do not know what to do, or what that may be.

This is why I have created The Living Stock Option Financial Freedom Plan, setup by a Living Stock Option Company.

I have the idea right now. And what I need to do, is, put forward the plan in the Financial Sector, then have it listed on the Stock Market, and watch the boom begin, in which people will start buying those shares, and begin living in those homes.

A great issue of concern is getting those living spaces, or homes listed with the Company that needs to be setup.

This can be done through Real Estate Companies looking for a way to support their operations. Real Estate Companies, then join the Stock Option Company, so instead of selling homes, they sell the shares for people to buy from, so they can go live in the homes that are available. Agents can collect a planned commission for their services.

People who want to sell their homes, should consider signing into the Living Stock Option Company. They will never have to worry about selling their home again. In fact by signing over the house to the Living Stock Option Company, they acquire Stocks of the Company, in which those stocks can be sold to many buyers.

Furthermore, the sale of Stocks is much easier, and much faster transaction, than actually going through the Sale of a House.

sell a stock

All things considered by having this Living Stock Option people will become richer, with more opportunity, because now everyone has a interest in each other; unlike no one has an interest in our present failed Bank Mortgage house system, that creates poverty and moves everyone into The Age of Decline.

So getting this message out, I think will make people happier, relieved that we have a plan, and then getting people to help me bring it to reality.

How does it work?

You go into the Living Stock Option Company, and tell them you want to buy shares to the Company.

In order to buy shares you need to purchase at least 300 shares. 1 share is $100 dollars. So when you buy 300 shares, that is 30,000 dollars.

If you don’t have 30,000 dollars, you can go to the bank to get a personal loan. The dividends you get each month from buying the Living Stock Options can be used to pay back the loan to the bank, for a period of time.

You then sign a l year contact to live in the house. Depending on the Stock Option prices, you will get a dividend check each month, say for 1,000 dollars. After 1 year living you must move to another house. This is when you need to sell your 300 shares. Someone will buy your shares, and it is determined you will make more money than you originally paid for them. Now you have the money to buy another 300 or more shares to live in another house for again another 1 year contract.

During your time living in your house, you can be working at a job somewhere making money, and also knowing you will be getting a Dividend Check from the Company and actually being paid to live in the house.

In considering the long term outlook, you make money by buying Stock from a Living Stock Option Company. You never have to worry about selling a house.

It is much easier to sell stock in concern to housing, than it is in comparison to selling a house by the old method of a Real Estate Listing, Closing Costs, Paying Points, Agent Commissions, and Bank Loan Requirements. We know that system is defunct, and you lose money .

So in my honest opinion, this is going to be the direction of Real Estate in the development of The Modern Age. Not only in the United States but around world.

Some people may want to live in a Living Stock Option Home for longer than one year, and this is available, but you have to buy more Stock Options. 2 years would require buying 400 shares in the initial Stock buying. 3 years would be 500 shares, and so forth.

Banks need to reform. They just can not go on, with their failed programs.